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Jamal Shah – Pakistani Artist from Quetta

Jamal Shah

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jamal Shah was born in 1956 to a Pathan Syed family in Quetta. If we talk about his education so we did not find any information about his early school life but we managed to track information about his professional education. He completed Master’s in English literature from Balochistan University, Quetta …

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Famous Dancer from Quetta – Abdul Rahim

Abdul Rahim

Reading Time: < 1 minute Abdul Rahim was born on July 1993 and lives in Quetta, Balochistan. Abdul Rahim was born with a passion of dancer. He used to take part in his school days and loves a lot for performing in front of an audience. The passion of dancing stay to his heart and he …

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Kaleem Ullah Pakistani International Footballer from Chaman Balochistan

Kaleem Ullah

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kaleem Ullah Khan was born on 20 September 1992 in Chaman Balochistan and is a graduate of Government High School Chaman. He was also a captain in Pakistan International football team. If we talk about his career so Kaleem Ullah started with Khan research Laboratory KRL youth system. The first …

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