About us Quettawaly

About Us

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Quettawaly is established with the aim to portray the positive side of Quetta along with other cities of Baluchistan. The main focus is to show the inner side of Quetta to all over the world.

Our main Focus is to visualize the foods that are famous in Quetta, the restaurants which are providing the food services from a long time.

The different educational institutions who were working for the betterment of community, the culture in a more detailed way for those who were still unaware.

The hidden talents of Quetta who are doing a lot for the society, the social activists and politicians,  the hospitals, the best universities schools and colleges, the best places, the people from Quetta who achieved so much internationally but still hidden.

Our side focus is to motivate the youth of Quetta because the future of Quetta is the youth and motivating them with live examples will give a willpower to the youth to do well in their lives.

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