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Quetta Food Speciality

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Let’s today discuss about Speciality of Quettawaly food, what they like the most to each as their launch or dinner, I will list few of the most eaten items by Quetta citizens.

Roast or Rosh:

Big piece of meat is cook under a pressure into a lamb fat with Salt and black pepper adds into it. The dish is cooks for almost 4 to 5 hours on a low flame. The people usually serve it with Lassi also known as Shrumbay.

The logic of serving lassi with Rosh is that the Rosh is very heavy for the person trying it for the first time. The lassi equals the heaviness into digestion and you will feel light. It is one of the well-known dishes of Quetta and the specialty of Quetta.


Khaddi Kabad:

Khaddi kabab is also the food specialty of Quetta. People use to serve the people at weddings and house events. The food cooks in a very traditional way. Majority of the people in Quetta loves this food. The method for cooking this food is very interesting.

First of all, a whole goat or lamb is marinates with herbal and spices and the rice was fill inside the goat or lamb. It will then be sealed with stitches and cover with aluminum foil or with some other method.

The whole meat will put inside the earth surface and then cover it from upside by any of the steel covers. A bunch of burning coal is then put into the steel cover and later the process of making this food takes almost half a day.

People usually buy goat or lamb themselves and give it to the shop that makes it. The amount of making this food is almost 2 to 3 thousand. But they also provide you the goat or lamb prepared themselves and takes around 10 to 12 thousand for that. The dish is prepared for 10 people approximately.



 If talking about the specialty then no one can forget the taste of sajji. The food is also the specialty which people loves a lot and eats on daily basis. The food is also prepared for almost 4 to 5 people. The ingredients used in this food are very simple.

 First of all, the chicken or mutton piece is marinated with salt and spices like ginger or garlic. The food is cook into a light flame for almost 5 hours. This food is so common in Quetta and people usually prepare it for the guests and for daily eating too.

It can be easily made in your house too as there are several ways to cook this food. The cost of this food varies so there are no exact rates need to be mention here.


Kaleji, Golgappay Pakora and Soup:

If talking about the most common specialty then you will find street food like kaleji, golgappy, pakoras (fried snacks) and soup in Quetta very usual.

The availability of these foods varies with season but kaleji is one of the prominent things you can see as a local street food. Kaleji in Quetta is usually prepared on big tawa (kind of stove).

The most common ingredients like tomato, chopped onions and herbal with spices are used to prepare this food. Majority of pashtoo speaking eats this food and it also usually appears in Pashto areas of Quetta. Pakoray also known as fried snacks is also comes into the local street foods.

You can see fried snack all around the Quetta and people eat it as a meal and also serves in hi-tea. The preparation of making soup is also different than other cities of Pakistan.

It is the running item in winters and people loves it a lot. Goal gappay in Quetta is usually eaten by a lot of peoples. There are two kinds of golgappay prepares in Pakistan sour and sweet. People love sour golgappay in Quetta and most people sell sour golgappay.

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