Sculpture: The Famous of All Bareachs Khan Fateh Khan Barech

Sculpture: The Famous of All Bareachs Khan Fateh Khan Barech

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The most famous of all Bareachs is Khan Fateh Khan Barech; the son of Aslam Khan.

He is considered as a hero and a symbol of pride for all Barechs.

His first stay was at Shorawak (Qandahar Province).

Khan Fateh Khan Sculpture and Jahanzaib Khan

Barech (also Baraich, Bareach, Barreach) is a Pashtun tribe indigenous to southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan and in Quetta, Pakistan.

The Barech formed the largest tribal grouping among the Rohilla Pashtuns of North India. The Barech live primarily in Shorawak District.

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Who is the Artist Behind this Sculpture?

M. Asif Kasi is an amazing artists and collector. He has created the sculpture of Khan Fateh Khan Barech.

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