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Human Rights Violation in Balochistan

human rights violation in balochistan

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before getting to the main point, let me quickly tell you about Human Rights. In general, it’s a basic right and freedom that totally deserves by any human being in this world, from his/her birth to death. There is no limitation of any belief, religion, or anything else that restricts …

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School Business in Quetta

school business in quetta

Reading Time: 2 minutes Education is one of the necessary things in a person life. Without proper education, you couldn’t grow well as a personality or as a good human being. There are several key factors that make us a better and successful person including education. If you take admission in a good school …

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Balochistan Needs your Support

balochistan needs your support

Reading Time: 3 minutes Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in the area. There are different natural resources available in this province but despite the fact, all of those resources are not beneficial for the own citizens of this province. If you talk about the coastal line or seaport, Gwadar is the successful project …

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Education in Balochistan

education in balochistan

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was a student studied under Balochistan education system for more than 12 years and it is safe to say that Balochistan is by far the worst education system among other provinces. Various reasons are present in the system that makes this a huge problem. It is one story that …

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Buitems – Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences

Reading Time: 2 minutes The university was chartered by the Government of Balochistan on 18th July 2002. It is a public research university that is in the capital of Balochistan. The university started its education activities in October, 14th 2002 with three undergraduate programs in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Business Administration. The first …

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University of Balochistan

university of balochistan

Reading Time: 2 minutes The University of Balochistan which is also known as Balochistan University was established in 1970 at Quetta. Quetta is a capital of the province Balochistan. After established in 1970, it becomes the only university in the Balochistan province for providing higher education in arts, science, commerce, and humanities. The university …

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Mateeullah Tareen – Journey from Islamia Model High School to Germany

Mateeullah Tareen

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mateeullah Tareen belongs to a Pathan Family he was born and raised in Quetta but lives in Germany, He is a talented and intelligent person at studies.  Committed researcher, writer, presenter and project organizer; with demonstrated record of success in various positions of responsibility and group collaboration. Experience in research, parliamentary …

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Rehmat Ullah – Social Activist from Chaman

Rehmat khan

Reading Time: 1 minute Rehmat Ullah is born and raised at Chaman, Balochistan. He is a graduate of Political Science and completed his degree from the University of Balochistan. If talking about the achievement so he is a regular Social Media Activist and also came live on several online interviews with the popular personalities …

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