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Hamayun Kasi Professional Debater from Quetta

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hamayun Kasi is from Quetta, He has done his BS English Literature from Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences, BUITEMS. Hamayun Kasi and Muhammad Saeed Khan Stood Runners-Up in Shan E Ramazan Quiz Competition, Which was Organized by ARY TV.  Take A Look At The Latest Achievements …

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Fida Panezai Founder of My Green Pakistan

Reading Time: 1 minute Introducing you all Mr. Fida Panezai the Talent of Balochistan, Fida is the Founder and Chairman at My Green Pakistan. My Green Pakistan is an initiative that was started by Fida Panezia to plant trees and clean the environment of Balochistan. My Green Pakistan is Campaigning for plantation as a …

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Islamic Six Kalmay, Kalma, Kalmay, Islamic Kalma, Six Kalma, Recite Kalma

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Six Kalimah (From Arabic كلمة‎ kalimah “word”), In Islam are six significant parts of one’s religious belief, which are mostly taken from hadiths.  Kalimah Tayyibah (Word of Purity) Kalimah Shahadah (Word of Evidence) Kalimah Tamjeed (Word of Majesty) Kalimah Tawheed (Word of Oneness) Kalimah Istighfar (Word of Penitence) Kalimah Radde Kufr (Word of Rejection of Disbelief)   …

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Human Rights Violation in Balochistan

human rights violation in balochistan

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before getting to the main point, let me quickly tell you about Human Rights. In general, it’s a basic right and freedom that totally deserves by any human being in this world, from his/her birth to death. There is no limitation of any belief, religion, or anything else that restricts …

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School Business in Quetta

school business in quetta

Reading Time: 2 minutes Education is one of the necessary things in a person life. Without proper education, you couldn’t grow well as a personality or as a good human being. There are several key factors that make us a better and successful person including education. If you take admission in a good school …

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