Top Restaurants in Quetta

Top Restaurants in Quetta

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Pakistan is famous for its cultural heritage, Hospitality, Culinary, and many other factors. Every province has the uniqueness that attracts the people living in Pakistan to experience it. Even people living in other parts of the world get attracted to Pakistan due to the same reasons.

While several cities in Pakistan have their values, Quetta is the favorite city in everyone’s mind to explore. Whatever class or category of Pakistani citizen you talk about, all of them are pretty much into exploring Quetta at least once in their life.

Numerous reasons backed this decision of people to explore Quetta. First of all, Quetta is considered the Fruit of Pakistan because most of the beneficial fruits and dry fruits are produced in this city, and it’s then distributed to other provinces of Pakistan. On the other hand, the geographical value of Quetta is considerable, and even the world has eyes on the Entire Baluchistan Geography. The natural resources of Entire Balochistan are another strong evidence of its importance in the whole world.

Apart from that, Quetta has the most hospitable people in entire Pakistan. Not only the foreigners admit that, but peoples from other parts of Pakistan has also admitted it. On top of that, the Food of Quetta is unique that lets every person fall in love. Yes, most of the food found in Quetta isn’t spicy, but it retains the unique taste that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

As far as the people who want to visit Quetta, most of the queries raised from their side are about the Top Restaurants in Quetta. Since they are coming here for the first time, it becomes quite hard to know what would provide the best taste and value. Even the people of Baluchistan also don’t know about it, and they want to get the idea of the best restaurants in Quetta. So today, we will talk about the top restaurants in Quetta due to their taste, ambiance, and other values.

List of Top Restaurants in Quetta:

Mehfil Restaurant:

Mehfil Restaurant is our top pick in the List of Top Restaurants in Quetta. Mehfil is situated near Chiltan Housing Scheme, Airport Rd, Quetta. The Restaurant offers top-quality Food, a Perfect ambiance, and spacious dine-in to its customers.

As far as the Menu, they have covered all of the outstanding dishes famous in Quetta. As the Lamb, Chicken, Mutton, and beef varieties are available for you. Moreover, you will get the Quetta style cooked Vegetable dishes as well in this restaurant. Also, other dishes will be available in this restaurant that belongs to other cities or countries just to fulfill the desires of people who want to eat something else.

The Sitting area is outstanding with state of the art designing. Anyone who wants the dine-in on the rooftop or the garden can also get in Mehfil Restaurant. The Staff members of Mehfil Restaurant are highly trained, and they know how to deal with or entertain the Customers.


Al Fajar Restaurant:

Our Second Pick for the List of Top restaurants in Quetta is Al Fajar Restaurant. Yes, this restaurant comes with pretty much all of the similar Dishes, including Bar BQ, Chargha, Roosh, Fast food of all varieties, Sajji, and anything else famous in Quetta. Besides that, they also offer other types of dishes that are continental, Chinese, etc.

The ambiance of Al Fajar Restaurant is Outstanding, just like Mehfil. You will get a Proper Sitting area to enjoy the meal with your friends and family members. Also, the staff is very co-operative and always available to help you.


Balana Restaurant:

Balana Restaurant is another state-of-the-art Food Business that was established near Airport Road, opposite Buitems University. It’s approximately 1 mile away from the Quetta International Airport. Therefore, anyone waiting for their flight and wants to eat good food in between can consider this Restaurant.

Balana Restaurant has designed by the Professional Interior Designer of Pakistan. It comes with an outstanding spacious environment. The whole Restaurant has given a unique color Touch, which is similar to Serena Hotel Quetta. Also, the restaurant comes with pretty much all types of sitting arrangements, including indoors and outdoors. Plus, you can also host a private party in this restaurant.

If we talk about the Dishes Options, Balana restaurant has all types of Dishes that range from Pakistani, Continental, Chinese, and many more. Apart from that, the Fast food varieties are also numerously available for the customer. For example, in the Quetta Special dishes, you will get Roash, Joint Fry, Kabuli Pulao, Landi Fry, and many more. In addition, they are offering varieties of Steaks to the Customers.

Those who want to dine in a restaurant where the ultimate requirement is eating delicious food in a Peaceful environment can consider the Balana Restaurant.


Norani Restaurant:

Norani Restaurant is one of the oldest Restaurants in Quetta situated near Chiltan Housing Society, Airport Road, Quetta. Norani Restaurant Dishes offerings are in a considerable amount. Yes, you would easily get all types of Dishes, including Steaks, Snacks, Quetta Specialties, Continental, Chinese, Desserts, and many more.

In short, you would easily consider this restaurant whenever looking for a place in Quetta where all of the food items are easily available for you. Moreover, the Norani Restaurant has a spacious Parking Area where you can easily park the car. Alongside, it has three types of sitting arrangements, including Indoors, Outdoors, and Rooftops. Therefore, whatever would be your Preferences, you can get it in this Restaurant.


Takata Nights:

Takata Nights is another Top Restaurant in Quetta that has been established in recent times. Compared to other restaurants, this one has made a positive image among the people of Quetta due to its outstanding taste and environment. The ambiance of Takattu nights is superb, and the food as well.

The Restaurant is on the RCD Highway, Quetta, Balochistan, near the Airport Road. Therefore, anyone living in Airport Road or staying there for a short period can visit for dinners or lunch to Takattu nights. They offer delicious food in Quetta.

The Restaurant has all of the Dishes Options that are Famous in Quetta, or you can say that is the specialty of Quetta. Along with that, Takattu nights has Fast food, Continental dishes, Chinese Dishes, Desi Pakistani dishes, Deserts, and many more.


Hujra Restaurant:

Hujra is a new Restaurant that is opened in Airport Road Quetta. The Restaurant has opened by a group of Friends who belongs to different business backgrounds. Hujra was established to provide a real type of Quetta Cuisines and another type of popular Cuisines.

If we talk about the Taste of Hujra Restaurant, it has already made a lot of names quickly. We have also tried the Restaurant food, and it has brilliant taste. Hujra comes with various Bar BQ, Steaks, Fast Food, Italian cuisines, Chinese Cuisines, Continental cuisines, Arabic Cuisines, and many more.

Apart from that, they are providing a spacious ambiance to the customers. Yes, just like the food items of Hujra Restaurant are outstanding, the ambiance of this restaurant is also brilliant. People have choices to eat food on Rooftop, Indoors, or Outdoors.


EFC Quetta:

EFC is a Fast Food Restaurant on Airport Road, Near Sahara Bakery. Yes, this Restaurant is available primarily for fast foods. However, you can also get other types of food in this restaurant. The restaurant has been introduced recently; however, it has made a positive image in the Quetta Restaurant.

The list of food items available in EFC Quetta are Rools, Burgers, Pizza, Soup, Pasta, Sandwiches, and Salads. However, other categories of food items include continental and Asian Style Rice, Desi Chicken handi, and Break Fast. Coffee lovers can also get to this restaurant as they have different types of such items available. Deal Lovers can also avail the list of Food Deals options for fast food, Continental dishes, and other types of food for the people.


Zahoor Village Restaurant (ZVR):

Zahoor Village Restaurant is another amazing option for anyone who is looking for delicious food in Quetta. The restaurant is situated on Airport Road, Quetta. Like the other restaurant’s food items, you will get pretty much the same in this restaurant. Also, that is available at Affordable rates, Quality, and taste.

In terms of Space, this Restaurant is not that spacious; however, you can visit this restaurant for small eating gatherings in a beautiful environment with Friends or family. The staff members are highly supportive and always available to serve you the best they can.


Wataq Restaurant:

Wataq Restaurant is situated in Baleli Road, Quetta, Pakistan, near Airport Road Quetta. The restaurant has outstanding Sitting Arrangements and Delicious Food. You would get all the types of Quetta special Cuisines and Continental, Chinese, and other Desi Dishes available in Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The Quality of food and the Ambiance are top-notch. So whether you are going here with your friends or Family Members, the environment and food will never disappoint you.


Hot n Grill:

Hot n Grill is the Second Restaurant on the list that is based on Fast food. The Restaurant is situated near to Toyota Quetta Motors, Airport Road. The Food options available in these restaurants are based on Pizza, Burgers, Rolls, Sandwiches, and many more. Apart from that, they have other outstanding options such as Rice, Bar BQ, Milkshakes, Ice Creams, etc. All of the Items are Available at Affordable Rates for you.


Hot n Mirchi:

Hot n Mirchi is another amazing option available for you that is recently started in Quetta. Yes, this restaurant was established on Airport Road. The list of Food options available in hot n Mirchi includes Fast food, Pakistani Cuisines, Seafood, Chinese, and Quetta Special food items.

The Environment of Hot n Mirchi is outstanding, and the Taste of the food is delicious. In addition, they are considering the State of the Art hygiene level so the Customers won’t have any issues.


Italian Pizza:

Italian Pizza is a well-known Fast Food Pizza Chain that is available in entire Pakistan. Even the Italian Pizza branches are numerous in Quetta City. Luckily, the Pizza Lovers can Dine-in on their Airport Road Branch, famous among all other branches. It comes with all categories of Pizza Options along with Burgers, Rolls, Shawarma, Soup, Fries, and Many more. But, yes, the Italian Pizza doesn’t provide any Desi Cuisines.


New Student Biryani and Food Point:

The Biryani Lovers can turn their ways to New Student Biryani situated in Alamo Chowk, opposite Sangeen Hospital, Quetta. The area links with Airport, Road, Quetta. All biryani lovers can easily visit new student biryani to enjoy it by sitting in a beautiful ambiance. Apart from Biryani, you will get other Food item options in this restaurant, which is amazing. Plus, the Ambiance of this Place is quiet decent and you would also bring your family members for dine-in.


Abroad Pizza Hut:

Abroad Pizza Hut is situated in Airport Road near Makka Masjid. You will get Pizza, Burgers, Rolls, Shawarma, and other types of Fast food in this restaurant. It comes with a variety of deals for the customers; therefore, you can enjoy good quality food at discount rates.


Fine Food Quetta:

Fine Food Quetta is another amazing option available for you in Quetta whenever you are looking for good quality and delicious food. The Restaurant is situated In Baleli Road, Chiltan Housing Society, Quetta, Balochistan. You will get all types of cuisines in this restaurant: fast food, Desi, Quetta Special, Continental, Chinese, and many more.


Do these Restaurants Offer Dine-in and Takeaway?

All of these Restaurants have both Takeaway and Dine-in Services for the Customers. Moreover, all of them are available on FoodPanda App as well. So, if you want the food to your place, you can search for all these Restaurants on the App.

The best part about ordering the Food from Foodpanda for these restaurants is getting a considerable amount of discounts on every food item. You will get a considerable amount of discounts on the Deals as well.

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