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Balochistan Needs your Support

balochistan needs your support

Reading Time: 3 minutes Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in the area. There are different natural resources available in this province but despite the fact, all of those resources are not beneficial for the own citizens of this province. If you talk about the coastal line or seaport, Gwadar is the successful project …

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Pizza Points in Quetta

pizza points in quetta

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pizza is one of the most delicious food like and eat by every gender, and age group. It is a kind of food which a person can easily offer to any of its guest or family member when they came home or to any of the friends. The most amazing …

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Education in Balochistan

education in balochistan

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was a student studied under Balochistan education system for more than 12 years and it is safe to say that Balochistan is by far the worst education system among other provinces. Various reasons are present in the system that makes this a huge problem. It is one story that …

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Restaurants in Quetta

restaurants in quetta

Reading Time: 5 minutes QuettaWaly is going to provide you the 14 Best Food Places to Visit in Quetta. If you are from another city or country then you must have to try any of these restaurants in your Quetta visit.   Serena hotel – is one of the well known and oldest places for …

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Best Places for Reunion

best places for re union

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reunion becomes exciting and gives good vibes to anyone. There are people of any age group or gender meet with their old friends or any relative they plan this beautiful moment to enjoy at anywhere outside. Some of the legends wrote different quotes on Reunion, and I am mentioning one the …

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Best Places for Chae Party

Best Places for Chae Party

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tea ‘Chae’ is one of the most famous and liked beverages in the Balochistan Province. There are different kinds of tea people daily drinks at home and various spots. If you are from Quetta and don’t know about these spots, or you are coming to Quetta for vacations and wants to …

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Best Photographers in Quetta

best photographers in quetta-min

Reading Time: 2 minutes Photography is not only a picture which you see on different platforms. It’s an art, Tons of hard working hours, light-set, and all those necessary things that make it attractive and beautiful. Its a live example for holding any past happy moments, and memorize them with the same essence in …

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Balochistan Got Talent

balochistan got talent

Reading Time: 3 minutes Quettawaly is a successful project going on for more than two months. The aim of creating it is to showcase the positive side of Balochistan. There were different things going on in our mind in the starting about showing effective personalities, beautiful places, culture and the actual life of Balochistan. …

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