Ameer Hamza - A Vlogger And Photographer From Quetta

Ameer Hamza – A Vlogger And Photographer From Quetta, Balochistan

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Introducing you the multi-talented person from Quetta, Mr. Ameer Hamza, Who is professional Vlogger and Photographer. Who belongs from Quetta, Balochistan.

Ameer Hamza

Ameer Hamza is 19 years old, Who studies in FSc First year from Government degree college Quetta.


“Through blogging, I got to see new places, got to meet new people and now because of it my confidence has built up a lot. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge about Balochistan and it’s culture. I was able to find a lot of talented people in Balochistan.”

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Success Story:

“At first I was just a simple student who worked at a clinic as a compounder But I wanted to do something new, something big since I was a kid. I loved traveling and wanted to explore the world then I had a feeling that I should explore the beauty of Balochistan, a place where I live and then my country Pakistan. So one day I had a thought that why should I not start vlogging in that why I can explore as well as show the beauty of my country. Now as you can see I am showing my beautiful country as well as exploring it which is my passion.”

A Message to Youth:

“You should listen to your heart, your feelings because you will never get bored of it as well as enjoy it, and try to make your passion your profession. Never give up if you are doing the right thing.”




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