9 Phenomenal Methods to Stop Making Excuses

9 Phenomenal Methods to Stop Making Excuses

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Excuse, it is a simple justification that one uses for defending himself from being criticized. This strategy is usually used simply to grow a protective layer as a shield to prevent critical reviews.

In actual it is just a lie we tell ourselves or others which is caused by the acceptance of our false expectation and the trust on illusions rather than measuring the real facts.

“There are a thousand excuses for failure but never a good reason.” – Mark Twain.

The nature of excuses is that it becomes the mental barrier and makes the person stop by making a step forward and makes him feel insecure. Because the person gets addicted to his comfort zone and becomes fearful of unconventional and rare situations.

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This blog is all about the nature of excuses for how they are formed and their solution to eliminate them by the root, so make sure you read to the end to seek out a better solution for yourself.

Recently you might have planned for trying something new it might be learning a new skill, language,  joining gym, sports, applying for any job, reading a book, or starting your own business to raise up yourself financially.

Then an abundance of excuses begins to raise just like;I am too slow, I am not so smart, I am weak,It’s too hard,I can’t,I have a headache,It is too hot or cold,It is raining,I am tired, I will do the next day or it is boring I am not interested.

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That later imprisons a person from learning and personal growth. And resulting in procrastinating and postponing the tasks even giving up on that particular thing, losing confidence and trust, becoming lazy, deceitful, devalued, disrespectful and less attractive and there he becomes more touchy, dull and dumb.

What Compels Us to Make an Excuse?

What Compels Us to Make an Excuse?

Multitasking, distractions and tiredness become the reasons for making lame excuses. Some personal defects such as fear, lack of self-confidence, lack of interest, hating that particular activity, imperfection compel for complaining and giving up.

Other reasons that force the subconscious of a low self-esteemed person for making alibis are the mental and physical tiredness, waiting for the perfect time, past horrifying memories or unwillingness.

1. Prioritizing the Tasks

It is normal to get excused before giving a try to something new. To find yourself more active and flexible doing things with a flow. You must own such one of the most effective habits that each inspiring personality follows.

Simply you just need to prioritize the things before your day gets started. It should be in the form of a shortlist. Your importance must go towards those where you show the apology to the activity and get a step behind.

Once you deeply accept things more important than the fake excuses, there you experience miraculous and unstoppable energy. Such unbelievable energy would help in executing the tasks easily.

2. Be Committed

“Honesty is the best policy” whether with others or one’s himself.  Honesty is the most important ingredient for personal development. So, you must have stick to your words.

When you make plans for something or make your decisions, then you should stay committed to yourself. Prove yourself stronger and act to the words you have just said. You must acquire the super effective traits as persistence and consistency.

3. The Quick Decisions

“You can not change your future but you can change your habits and your habits can change your future.”

Give a try to add another efficient habit of deciding something really smart and quick. As you are concerned with the issue of “Excuses” where the things are based upon thought management.

You might have a query about, what the decisions have to do with the excuses. The answer is, infect the “Excuse” is itself by nature a “Decision”. Where we settle to choose what decision is the best choice.

All you need to do is to be active while thinking and making a certain plan. Keep figuring out attentively the pros and cons of the plan. And use the strategy of thinking practically and keep asking questions yourself what if this or that is like this or like that.

4. The Power of Practical Thinking

One of the cures for the excuses is thinking practically, where you imagine yourself doing that certain activity.  This gives a kind of inspiration and makes the person more eager to immediately get the things done.

Where there are personal interest and thirst for the achievement of something, such gentle inspiration gets dominant over the procrastination and the practical thinking has the same super impacts.

5. Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time

You will observe people killing their time and waiting for things to be perfect. They might have planned to join the gym, learn a new skill, start reading or develop the right kind of routine, but somehow they postpone and hope to start the next day.

 “In actual, the perfect time doesn’t come, we make the time perfect.” You will never get things defect-less. The smartest step would be to take immediate action. And if you kept waiting for the perfect time, someday you will regret the precious time you wasted.

6. The Pre-Planning

While performing an activity, a moment comes where the mood gets upset, confusion gets created, the enthusiasm level gets low and unconsciously the person starts responding to the excuses, this is an unfixed plan is a major cause for it.

In order to continue the task uninterrupted and with quite a good flow you must figure out what disturbs you the most. It may be the missing tools, the uncharged devices, the poor internet connection, the distractive location or the noisy atmosphere.

Once you eliminate such distractions and prepare the things in advance. So there you would find no excuse for being excused and will be way more focused than before.

7. Neglect Excuses-Take Actions

You must make it clear to yourself that excuses are also the kind of other obstacles stopping you to progress, be bold fighting such excuses.

The other nature of excuses is that it is just an illusion, now if something is not even real why to believe and accept that lie as a reality?

It would be better to neglect and don’t waste time thinking about such things, keep ignoring these lies. Always take your actions and decisions based on reality.

8.The Adventurous Attitude

Get adventurous in life, where you have fun with playful and challenging moments. Where you face the hard and amusing times.

When you go through the struggles and hardships, where you put effort into the survival. This can have great impacts on you.

Getting used to such a risky mindset, the excuses that you make that “aah! It is too tough I can’t” such problems would seem to you so tiny and ignorable.

9. Do Not Overthink

Do not make the mistake making things complicated.Because the moment you overthink, that certain things get really tough and out of your control.

Overthinking becomes the cause of “fears”. Whereas the man has a very low capacity for survival in between the self-created and unreal prison.

Your plans and decisions must be based on facts and reality. As a fact, the moment you get real to yourself, you will find yourself more proficient and creative.

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