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Sra Gurg Balochistan

sra gurg

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sra Gurg also pronounced by the locals of Quetta as sira Ghurghai or Sra Ghurgai is a place that comes on your way to Hanna Urak.  The place is almost half an hour to 1 hour away from Quetta main city. The journey to Sra Gurg is very interesting and beautiful, there are …

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Buitems – Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences

Reading Time: 2 minutes The university was chartered by the Government of Balochistan on 18th July 2002. It is a public research university that is in the capital of Balochistan. The university started its education activities in October, 14th 2002 with three undergraduate programs in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Business Administration. The first …

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Shazam Bhatti – A Passionate Biker from Balochistan

shazam bhatti

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shazam Bhatti was born and raised in Balochistan. By profession, he is a director Admin and HR in a health organization. But the passion for traveling motivates and pushed him to travel all over Pakistan on a bike. With this set of mind and dedication, he traveled almost 250000 km on the bike, to …

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University of Balochistan

university of balochistan

Reading Time: 2 minutes The University of Balochistan which is also known as Balochistan University was established in 1970 at Quetta. Quetta is a capital of the province Balochistan. After established in 1970, it becomes the only university in the Balochistan province for providing higher education in arts, science, commerce, and humanities. The university …

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Raisa Raisani – Female Sufi Singer from Balochistan

raisa raisani

Reading Time: 2 minutes Raisa Raisani was born on 12 February 1997. She completed her Bachelors in Business Administration from the Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (Buitems). Her Journey According to Raisa,  She started reciting Nohas, Naats and Sufiyana Kalam at the age of 3 years old. Under no training, no teacher,  …

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Master Najeeb Payinda – International Wushu Coach

Master Najeeb Payinda

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wushu or also known as Chinese kungfu is a hard and complete Martial Arts, and it is also known as full-contact sports. After 1949, this game started in China, in an addition to standardize the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts.  Master Najeeb Payinda was born on 12th November 1989. He …

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Quetta Bazaar – Upcoming E-Commerce Website of Quetta

quetta bazaar

Reading Time: 2 minutes As most of you reading this article already knows about e-commerce. But those who are still unaware about it, the starting part is all for you. E-commerce is an online activity through which people sell and buy products. In other words, it’s an online service for people that is capable for …

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Error The Band – Quetta Based Rock Band

error the band

Reading Time: 1 minute Error the Band is a Quetta based rock band, the three determined musicians Hanoob John, the vocalist and guitarist, Nabeel Shan, the bassist and Gulzar, the Drummer, working together in this band since 2009.  Throughout the journey of this band, they had performed on different occasions including Buitems, Bolan Medical …

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Nuclear Test in Chagai

Nuclear Test in Chagai

Reading Time: 2 minutes The memorable and beneficial place proven for the future of Pakistan Defense with the nuclear successful test. The article is about the Ras Koh Mountain region where, on 28th May 1998, the first nuclear test was conducted in the history of Pakistan. After this nuclear test, Pakistan marked itself in …

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Cultural Photographs of Balochistan [2019]

Reading Time: 2 minutes The pictures posted below are the property of a talented and young photographer from Quetta. Waqas Khan is one of the talented personality, and his work is already featured on different platforms. Beautiful Picture of Paratha, which is also known as Flatbread. It is the most common thing you can eat …

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