My Father Gives Me Electric Shocks If I Don't Sell Mats
My Father Gives Me Electric Shocks If I Don't Sell Mats

Sad Story: ‘My Father Gives Me Electric Shocks If I Don’t Sell Mats’

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A very heart breaking video of child labor in Pakistan, He said in an interview, “That my father gives me electric shocks, If I don’t sell the mats daily”.

Child labor is one of the most growing challenges in Pakistan. Violence against children in the name of child labor is increasing in Pakistan on daily basis.

Quettawaly recently published a video interview of Eight Years Old Child Ilham. Who revealed that his father gives him electric shocks for not selling chataiye (mats) on daily basis.

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Ilham belongs to Narrian Abbottabad and sells mats for around 500 rupees each. Ilham’s father has set a daily target to sell at least one of the mats. If he does not completes his given target, he shall not be allowed to enter into his home.

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If you check the video, Ilham was asked that if his father was physically disabled as the kid was working at a so young age to support his family.

But, shockingly he replied his father is healthy and not disabled, Ilham’s father also sells mats.

Ilham has three sisters and two brothers.

According to a sources, Ilham’s father was arrested and is under investigation. Police are now investigating the case to get more information regarding this case.

Thank you all our page followers, they have shown a great support for this kid, Some of the people contacted us to help him and his family financially and we are getting numerous comments.

There are thousands of Ilham’s in our Cities, if we help each person daily. We can end poverty soon in Pakistan. INSHALLAH!

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