Design or Construct With Chiltan Architects & Developers Quetta

Design or Construct With Chiltan Architects & Developers Quetta

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The inspiring unfolding story of a young architect, civil engineer whose imagination never stop and that reminds me this quote “Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one”.

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Striking it on your own can be an exhilarating process, the ability to take on your own clients, building your imagination and growing your own company.

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While your mind will jump immediately to the successes of your own company, learning the nuances of the nuts and bolts is just as if not more critical of launching your own design office.

Let me first begin by replacing the word “success” by “achievement”. From what I have seen in my life, a “successful” architect is not necessarily one who is talented, creative, have sound technical knowledge, etc. to become successful!

Where is Chiltan Architects & Builders Located?

Our Office is Located At Chaman Housing Scheme Quetta

Many lousy architects (I do not know if I could call them “architects” just because they have a degree in architecture and are registered with PCATP) have successful practice! And also make big money! Their buildings may not be worth looking at! They may not have good functionality also.

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But yet they run a roaring practice! I do not wish to comment here on how they are successful – it is easily understood and not a secret! There are very good architects who are successful also and do have a very good practice.

At the same time there also exist excellent architects who may not be successful in terms of the “business of architecture” but they may command high respect & regards from their clients, from their own fraternity (architect fraternity), and from the society they are surrounded with.

They may not be making the same money as the so called “successful” architects. Hence the word “successful” is highly deceptive! Let me replace it by “achievement “and “seniority”.

To position oneself to this end, Honesty & Truth alone do not count. Hard work is necessary but that too on its own does not count.

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To achieve excellence in architecture, one must have fallen in love with Architecture. And one must have high level of creativity, sound technical knowledge, know what is down to earth and practical, know the construction process, understand the practical difficulties of the Builder, and most importantly, carry a good concept right through completion of the project – without losing

Same as this, whenever I came to Quetta and Islamabad, I meet many of my class fellows from school college and professional academic, I found everyone blaming systems and academies.

Hopefully everyone has become some type of professional at this point but 70% per unemployed and hasn’t such a powerful father/relative (financially or professionally) who could get them have good jobs.

So on having a cup of tea, at Railway Station Quetta we decided to have a company of our own so we founded a company by a local name CHILTAN ARCHITECTS which later on become Chiltan Architects and Developers.


We always had a wish to change the urban fabric of Baluchistan. Whenever we go to bigger cities we get amazed by their architecture so why can’t we have same beautiful houses in Quetta also … it is just because of our ancestor so called successful architect. We sat a motto that

No more boring architecture in our beautiful Quetta city. So trying hard to achieve it. let’s see we will take our city to next decades.

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It’s a humble request to all Please!!! Please!!! You spent millions of money on construction and avoid architects. It’s the biggest betrayal you doing to your homeland So please hire architect and say no to draftsman and so called successful architects.

Muhammad Rauf
Managing director(Chiltan Architects and Developers)

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