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Jamal Shah – Pakistani Artist from Quetta

Jamal Shah

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jamal Shah was born in 1956 to a Pathan Syed family in Quetta. If we talk about his education so we did not find any information about his early school life but we managed to track information about his professional education. He completed Master’s in English literature from Balochistan University, Quetta …

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Famous Dancer from Quetta – Abdul Rahim

Abdul Rahim

Reading Time: 1 minute Abdul Rahim was born on July 1993 and lives in Quetta, Balochistan. Abdul Rahim was born with a passion of dancer. He used to take part in his school days and loves a lot for performing in front of an audience. The passion of dancing stay to his heart and he …

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Ahmed Mujtaba The Wolverine MMA Fighter from Quetta

Ahmed Mujtaba

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ahmed Mujtaba spends his early days of life in Quetta, Balochistan and then moved to Islamabad along with his family. He completed his schooling from the city school, Inter from GISI Islamabad and bachelors from Balochistan university of information technology engineering and management Sciences Quetta also known as Buitems. In …

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A Sculpture Artist from Balochistan

Huma Amir

Reading Time: 1 minute A sculpture is basically a work of art that is produced by shaping different things like stone, wood clay or another material. Sculpture in the early days has filled many rules and roles in human life. It is an Art creating from thousands of years. There is somehow fewer opportunities in …

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We Want A Cancer Hospital In Quetta

We Want A Cancer Hospital In Quetta

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cancer is one of the growing diseases in Pakistan that is continuously destroying human life. The rate of cancer is increasing daily and the way to stop the disease is still unrecognizable. Categories of cancer If talking about the categories of cancer so it is uncountable as it is increasing …

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Famous Gaming Youtuber of Quetta

Syed Aatik Ahmad

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gaming is one of the best addictions found in Pakistan. There are different YouTubers who daily upload gaming videos and have a lot of fan following too. The same trend is also so much viral in Pakistan too, you will see a lot of YouTubers who are well known and …

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A Blogger from Quetta

Syed Abdul Muqsit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Blogging is already a growing field in Pakistan and peoples are earning a handsome amount of money from blogging if you are working hard. I think earning from blogging is way more than you can earn from a government job or a private. Blogging is like a business in a …

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Zia Khan Social Activist and Founder of Quetta Online

Zia Khan

Reading Time: 3 minutes Quetta is the capital of Balochistan a conservative province of Pakistan with so much potentially strong population. Lack of opportunities compared to other provinces and many more core problems relate to Quetta. But with this situation, a person stands out with a motive to run the youth of Quetta through …

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