Balochistan Askari Mall Quetta's Largest Centrally Air Conditioned Mall

Balochistan Askari Mall Quetta’s Largest Centrally Air Conditioned Mall

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Balochistan Askari Mall or BA Mall Quetta is current ongoing commercial project of Quetta. Askari Mall is the largest centrally air conditioned mall of Quetta.

Quetta Askari Mall

The prices of shops starts from 30 Lakhs.

Askari Mall Quetta is the biggest mall of Balochistan, it is located on the famous Baleli Road Quetta.

BA Mall Quetta has brand shops, Take a Quick look at the Payment Plan of BA Mall Quetta:

Take a Quick look at the Payment Plan of BA Mall Quetta

A businessman can easily purchase, book, or take installments method for acquiring their shops. They are offering retails shop of various sizes which is suitable for world famous fashion brands.

BA Mall or QA Mall Quetta Video

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If you are looking for more technical details or looking to contact the balochistan askari mall department team’s, the phone number is given on the video above.

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A Project By CH Khalid Hussain Baath

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