Rafiullah Kakar Journey from Killah Abdullah to University of Oxford

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Rafiullah Kakar was born in Killah Abdullah, Balochistan. The passion of learning in him was since his early days. In the beginning, Rafiullah has experienced lots of hurdles for study due to less knowledge of Urdu and English. 

But despite the fact he worked a lot for the inner development and has managed to complete his Intermediate from Balochistan Residential College Loralai. 

He completed BA (Honours) in Politics and Economics with a Gold medal from GC University Lahore. 

In his graduation period, he also got a chance of one-semester exchange program in Augustana College.

Rafiullah Kakar also applied for the Rhodes Scholarship and became the first person of Balochistan from 40 years who got selected.

You might be wondering what is the Rhodes Scholarship?

According to Wikipedia, The Rhodes Scholarship is an international postgraduate award for students to study at the University of Oxford

The criteria of the Rhodes Scholarship is to select only one person from a country who can study in the University of Oxford and it is a big achievement by Rafi Ullah who got selected as the only one from Balochistan in the history.

There is also a story shared by Rafi Ullah that he wanted to pursue his degree from LUMS which has not been possible due to his financial stage and also because he did not pass the test but God has always better plans for us.

Rafiullah also faces a lot of hurdles in the early days as his family was against studies. But he managed to persuade them and started his educational journey. 

He always has a passion for studying engineering but his family wanted him to study Politics which he later agreed upon.

Rafiullah Kakar Professional experiences 

  • Member Youth Parliament.
  • Career Counselor.
  • Volunteer at Institute of Peace and Secular Studies.
  • Advocacy at Alif Ailaan.
  • Freelance Writer and Volunteer at Khudi Pakistan.
  • Editorial Internee at The Friday Times.
  • Country manager Pakistan at Oxford.
  • Research Assistant Graduate student at LUMS.
  • Open Society fellow at Human Rights Law Network, Delhi.
  • Program manager part-time at Oxford.
  • Young Professional research and policy at The Commonwealth.
  • Member of Expert Committee on Global Citizenship Education at UNESCO.
  • Research consultant at the Police practice limited.
  • Independent Consultant Pakistan Debt Management Support program at World Bank Group.
  • Public Policy Consultant at Alif Ailaan.
  • Policy specialist national Internal security policy (2018-2023) at the ministry of interior Pakistan.
  • Policy advisor Education at Minister of Education, Government of Balochistan.
  • Policy, Research and Social Development Specialist CPEC at Government of Balochistan.

A Lesson for the Youth of Balochistan

People like Rafiullah are the source of inspiration for the youth of Balochistan. Most of us find excuses for everything but you can see on the other hand that how hard it would be for Rafi Ullah to accomplish this with so much dedication and sleepless nights of studies.

Rafi Ullah story from Killa Abdullah to the University of Oxford must be taught to every single upcoming child who wants to be at a better stage in their life. 

We wish him the best of luck for the future and healthy life too.

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