Natural and Beautiful Photographs of Balochistan
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Natural and Beautiful Photographs of Balochistan

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Quettawaly comes with the natural photographs and beauty of Baluchistan, we have posted on Facebook and told our followers to comment the natural photographs of Baluchistan, Which they have captured on their mobile phones. The photographs you see is what belongs all to Quettawaly Facebook Page followers.

So, The all the credit goes back to those, who commented on Quettawaly Facebook Page.

Check The Actual Post Comment

Sunset Spin Karez Balochistan. #Sunset #SpinKarez #Balochistan #Quettawaly #JahaSoft

Check The Natural Beauty of Baluchistan

Village Shop


Child Labor Quetta


Natural Photograph Balochistan


Snow of Quetta

Heavy Snowfall of Quetta 2, March 2019

Garden of Balochistan


Quetta Weather and beauty


Uthal Balochistan


Balochistan is Beauty


Beauty of Balochistan




Jattsk Stop Quetta


Nushki khaysaar


Pir Ghaib


Natural Beauty Balochistan


Weather of Quetta




samungli road quetta

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