Saif Zehri

Travel Vlogger from Balochistan

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Saif Zehri basically belongs to Moola, Khuzdar which is famous for Chotok Waterfall and it’s natural beauty. 

If talking about education so he has a Masters degree in Business administration and Political science from Pakistan. Besides that, he also learned a lot of things from outside Pakistan as well. 

He completed a certificate in Intercultural Understanding and Community Participation from International People College (IPC), Denmark in 2012. 

He also holds the Post-Graduation Diploma in Project Management” from Maastricht School of Management (MSM), Netherlands and in 2016.

He also has a certificate in Development Evaluation from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

He is working in the development sector from 11 years in national and international organizations.

He is completing the passion of travel vlogging along with the Job.

Vlogging trend and Balochistan

Vlogging is becoming a trend and passion around the world and there are various types of vlogs you daily watch like a traveling vlog, food vlog, daily life vlogs, and many other types.  

In general, you can find a lot of Vloggers but if we filter them into categories so you may see a less and if we talk about Balochistan so there is some good travel vlogger and one of them is Saif Zehri. The storytelling and video quality of his travel vlogs are no doubt amazing.

Balochistan has so amazing landscapes, Rich culture, tasty foods, good peoples and this is the main key which motivates Saif to start creating Vlogs so the people all around the world can see the positivity of Balochistan.

If talking about the fan following and subscriptions so he almost earned more than 6000 on Youtube Channel, more than 1000 on the facebook page and around 100 followers on Instagram. 

People like him are doing so much for the Balochistan and we wish him to do much better in future as well.

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