Pir Ghaib Bolan: Attractive Picnic Point in Balochistan

Pir Ghaib Bolan: Attractive Picnic Point in Balochistan

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History and Distance of Bolan from Quetta

Pir Ghaib Bolan is Almost 250 Kilometers distance away from Quetta, It can consume 2.5 hours of drive to reach there.

The road condition is 90% good so there will be no hurdles to reach Pir Ghaib Bolan, either you are going from the bike or a normal car as it will not require any 4×4 to reach there.

The beauty and landscapes of Bolan are such amazing that you can be left all the tension and hurdles of your life and just enjoys the time there.

The Place Bolan is named just because of the famous person name Bolan belongs to Kurd Tribe.

If you are traveling from the train to Quetta then you will surely see the glimpse of Bolan and it really amazes you either because of its weather or because of the beautiful landscapes.

Bolan was also a major way for Iran and Afghanistan for traveling to India for 100 of years before the independence of Pakistan.

At the early time, railway lines were installed in July 1886 at Bolan because of its importance for traveling which is still available and also working.

After travel 65 kilometers on Jacobabad main high way road, you will see a road at the right-hand side with a board of Pir Ghaib Bolan. 

A brief Knowledge About Pir Ghaib Bolan

After turning to that road there is approximately a 10-kilometer drive to reach the beautiful Pir Ghaib.

There are several attractive picnic points available in Pakistan which other countries cannot compete in beauty and one of them is Pir Ghaib Waterfall.

The place is surrounded by beautiful mountains and pure and beautiful water with some beautiful trees that make the place more attractive and beautiful.

The name of this place was named on an invisible sain Pir Ghaib who came to this place in the early days with her sister Bibi-Nani.

The area was surrounded by the Buddhist in the early time and they all become an enemy for Pir Ghaib and her sister Bibi Nani just because they were Muslims.

Pir ghaib for the safety of his life found a place to hide in the Mountains. After some period of time, the saint has been invisible and still in the current time no one knows that where Pir Ghaib was gone. This is the only reason its name is Pir Ghaib.

It is also sayings of people that the saint came back in 1800 years ago but it is not confirmed.

People rarely come from all around Pakistan to visit the shrine in Pir Ghaib but most of the people came here for a picnic.  

There is also some guidance which I wanted to share here if you are unaware. There are natural tubs that are filled with waterfall.

Only one tub is dedicated for someone who is not good at swimming or doesn’t know how to swim. You can play with your relatives or friends there easily.

But, there are some other tubs as well which were so deep and can take your life. Tons of tourist has died in the water just because of less knowledge and fun. 

If you are coming here please take care of your self and other friends and avoid to swim or play in deep waters either you are a professional swimmer because the water has some natural things which pull a human inside and do not let them outside until they die. 

So, it is better to come here and swim in the water that is less dangerous for you.


A full Video Guide of Pir Ghaib Bolan 

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