The Artisan Online Shop In Quetta

The Artisan Online Shop In Quetta

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The website is basically developed by the UNHCR partners Innovative Development Organization and Taraqee Foundation. The main motivation for creating this website was to give a helping hand and finishes poverty in Baluchistan.

Who is working in the making of products?

The community of refugees and hosting communities whom we can also say as marginalized females. The women are full of talent but they need an opportunity to excel their abilities and earn through it by working from home.

The enterprise by the non-profit organization and they are training these women into artisan under the collaboration of UNHCR interventions.

The product prepares by all the marginalized women and the organization is already aware of the digital power so they upload it on the site. The people who are buying anything from the website will indirectly help the poor women. Because the money is totally given to them by the organization.

What are the top products?

They are selling Balochi, Pathani.

  • Women Wear Balochi Khamak, Chadars, Ladies Sandals, Laces, Pashtun Traditional Folk Dresses for girls.
  • Men Wear Afghani embroidered suits, Waistcoat, Embroidered Shoes, Afghani Embroidery on a T-Shirts, Embroidered Stitched Suits for kids, Balochi, Embroidery on a T-Shirts, Gents coat, Waistcoat.
  • Leather Wallets Ladies Leather Clutch, Gents Leather Wallets, Gents Wallets, Leather Traveling Wallets.
  • Accessories Items Superman and Bat Man Frame, Butterfly Frame, Rug, Ahed Tamimi Frame, Baloch warrior Frame, Markhor Frame, Taloor bird frame, Camel frame, Beady key chains, Gillum cushions, Floor cushion, Floor cushions cover set, Wall clock, Round mirror, frame.
  • Bags Killum Bag, clutch purse, carpeted should bag, leather bag and many more.
The main reason for this website

The main reason for making this website is to help the poor families and supporting the marginalized ladies across Baluchistan. The non-profit organization providing the marketing facilities for the women’s by creating this website so anyone who buy any particular handicraft. The money will directly go to the women. This will help the women’s and make them independent.

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