Top 10 Universities of Balochistan

Top 10 Universities of Balochistan

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Education is the main building block for your success in practical life. There are limited thinking abilities in an uneducated person as compared to the educated one.

Education is a very important part of our life’s and if you get the best institution for that then you are one of the luckiest people too.

There are some different universities in Balochistan that are offering high-quality studies opportunities in different fields for the people of Balochistan who don’t want to study on other provinces.

University of Balochistan

The University of Balochistan was established in the Capital of Balochistan “Quetta” in June 1970.

The university motto is “O’God increase my knowledge”. The University. There are seven different faculties of study the university offering to the students.

  • Faculty of Management Sciences, Business and Information Sciences.
  • Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of education and humanities.
  • Faculty of literature and languages.
  • Faculty of Basic Sciences.
  • Faculty of Life Sciences.

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Buitems university Quetta

Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and management sciences Quetta. The university was founded in 2002. The university has one main campus and one city campus. The education of management science was taught to the students in the city campus while other faculty students’ study on the main campus. The motto of the university is Quality and excellence in Education.

The university is offering different faculties of education including:

  • Faculty of Arts and basic sciences.
  • Faculty of engineering and architecture.
  • Faculty of information and common technology.
  • Faculty of management sciences.
  • Faculty of life sciences and informatics.

The university has 2 more campuses in Balochistan. The Chiltan campus is designed for researches. The Zhob campus is offering Bachelor degrees in Economics, Business Administration and computer science.

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Sardar Bahadur khan university (SBK)

SBK is the women university in Quetta, Balochistan which is founded in 2004. The motto of the university is “O’God increase my knowledge”. It is one of the best universities for females with following faculties.

  • Faculty of Life sciences.
  • Faculty of Basic Sciences.
  • Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of Management and Computer Sciences.

The university also has 3 sub-campuses in Balochistan including Pishin, Khuzdar, and Noushki.

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Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences

Bolan university that is also commonly known in Quetta as Bolan medical college was established in 1972. The college was established during Atta Ullah Reign.The university is totally accredited by the college of physicians and surgeons Pakistan to teach.

  • Medicine
  • Hematology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Surgery

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QIMS Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences

QIMS is established in Quetta Cantt. The institute is Affiliated national university of medical sciences. The university comes under the army so it is more possible that the graduates of this institute will have more opportunity to serve in the Pakistan army.

The institute is offering Faculty of basic and clinical sciences.

In faculty science, following are the departments:

  • Department of Anatomy.
  • Department of Physiology.
  • Department of Biochemistry.
  • Department of Pharmacology.
  • Department of Pathology
  • Department of Forensic & Toxicology
  • Department of Community Medicine

In clinical Sciences following are the departments:

  • Department of Medicine & Allied Department.
  • Department of Surgery.
  • Department of Anesthesiology.
  • Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics.
  • Department of Ophthalmology.
  • Department of Otolaryngology (ENT).
  • Department of Dermatology.
  • Department of Psychiatry.
  • Department of Pediatrics.
  • Department of Radiology.

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BUET Khuzdar

Balochistan University of engineering and technology khuzdar was established in 19887. The university is well known for engineering in Balochistan and are following Bachelors and master programs in the following degrees. The university totally based on merit and only the person who passed their test will get the admission in the university. They are also offering the self-finance options to the students as well.

  • E. Civil Engineering.
  • E. Mechanical Engineering.
  • E. Electrical Engineering.
  • E. Computer Systems Engineering.
  • S. Computer Science.
  • E. Civil Engineering.
  • E. Mechanical Engineering.
  • E. Electrical Engineering.
  • E. Computer Systems Engineering.
  • S. Computer Science.

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Lasbella University of Agriculture, Water, and marine sciences was established in 2005. The university is physically located in Lasbella district of Balochistan.

The university is offering undergraduate and Masters programs to the students.

The undergraduate program includes:

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
  • BS Agriculture.
  • Bs Marine Sciences.
  • BS Water Resource management.
  • BS economics.
  • BS English.
  • BS Computer Sciences.
  • BS environment Science.
  • BBA Hons.
  • Ed.

The Master degree program includes,

  • MA English
  • Phil Economics.
  • phil Finance.
  • MS Marine Biology.
  • MS Marine Fisheries.
  • Phil Agriculture.

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Al-Hamd Islamic University Quetta

The university was conceived by Alhamd education System (AES)that was established in 1995. AES is also operating different educational institutions as well in Quetta including BIT college, Dar-e-Arqam school and many others too.


Following are the department studies they are providing for the students.

  • Computer Sciences.
  • Management Sciences.
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Islamic Studies.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Technology Sciences.

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University of Loralai

The university was established in 2012 at Loralai, Balochistan. The university was first a sub-campus of university of Balochistan in 2009. Later the university was declared a fully-fledged in 2012. The university was initially run under UOB administration for around 4 years.

Following are the programs the university offers to the students:

  • BSCS
  • MCS
  • BBA management sciences
  • BBS management sciences. (2 years)
  • B.Com
  • B.Ed(1.5,2,2.5,4 years program).
  • M.Ed (1 year).

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University of Turbat

The university is located at Turbat Baluchistan and was established in 2013. The university is providing the following faculty studies for students.

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering.
  • Faculty of economics, commerce and business administration.
  • Faculty of arts and social sciences.
  • Faculty of Law.

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