Mushroom Farm in Quetta

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Lets first discuss Mushroom: Everyone thinks that Mushrooms are vegetables, though this is not the case. You may have an idea that all vegetables and fruits come from edible plants.

The main unique of plants is that every plant contains chlorophyll, which is used to convert energy from sunlight in carbohydrates.

As white fluff, Mushrooms start their lives underground. A mushroom is a reproductive structure produced by some fungi. 

Mushrooms are fungi. They belong in a kingdom of their own; They are separate from plants and animals.

In the way they obtain their nutrients, Fungi differ from plants and animals.

Actually, A mushroom is the fruit of a much bigger fungus which grows under the ground.

How to Start Mushroom Farm

You may want to be a Mushroom Farmer, and I absolutely understand why.

While learning how to grow Mushrooms for any kind of reason can be extremely rewarding and engaging.

Before starting this journey, You have to learn more and gain a lot of knowledge about Mushrooms.

If you are going to start this journey in Quetta, Balochistan. Then I will probably recommend you to meet once Amanullah Khan. 

Amanullah Khan is one of the most talented Mushrooms Grower in Quetta, Balochistan.

He is the one for the first time who has grown Oyster and button Mushroom in Quetta, Balochistan.

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10 Best Health Benefits from Mushroom

  1. May Prevent Breast and Prostate Cancer 
  2. Helps Balance Cholesterol Levels
  3. Ideal for Diabetics 
  4. Cure Anaemia
  5. Good For Bone Health 
  6. Improves The Immune System
  7. Helps High Blood Pressure
  8. Rich in Copper and Selenium 
  9. Great For Weight Loss 
  10. Good For The Skin

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