Hannah Lake: The Nearest Picnic Spot from Quetta

Hannah Lake: The Nearest Picnic Spot from Quetta

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Hannah Lake distance is approximately 20 km from the capital of Balochistan Quetta. If you are coming to Quetta alone and don’t have any relatives. You can still visit Hannah Lake through Taxi or Careem.

Hannah lake is included in the beautiful places in Pakistan. People in Quetta use to travel Hannah Lake for fun and calm surrounding.

In the British Era, Hannah Lake was build in early 1894. The main reason for building this lake is to provide cheap water for the population near the area and to increase the underground water level.

The lack is spread on 1818 Acres and has the storage of 32 million gallon water in it.

There is a sitting area at the center of the lake which in the early days did not build. Later, Pakistan army completed the project of the sitting area at the center of the lake on 7 August 1991 and the project was inaugurated by General Mirza Aslam Baig. It makes the beauty of the lake into double.

There are some separate guest houses available for the families and for the special persons. If you have an army approach you can easily live some days near the lake at the guesthouses.

There is also a boat service which gives you a round of the whole lake for just 50 to 100 Pakistani rupee.

If you get hungry or your children are irritating you. There is a restaurant and kids Area available near the Hannah for you.

The place is also famous because of the beautiful landscape as well. People also use to hike near the mountains as well.

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