Aiman – Female Entrepreneur from Quetta

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Aiman was born and raised in Quetta, Balochistan. She completed her Matric from FG Public School Quetta, Intermediate from Islamia Girls College Quetta, Scored NICT Full bright Scholarship for higher education and Completed her BS-CS from Sukkur Institute of Business Administration.

She had a god gifted skills of making out something special out of waste. So, when she came back after completing her education. She started making things and started crafting ideas out of her mind.

Her Father and sister encouraged her to make her skills into a business. The journey started from a facebook page, then eventually on Instagram, and now also selling on her own website.

She gradually polishing her skills by learning from the internet. Within 3.5 years she completed thousands of orders by creating different kinds of stuff for customers.

Her target customers are not only from Balochistan or all over Pakistan. But, she also has some satisfied customers outside of Pakistan. She is the owner and designer of Grace Crafts and Events.

Videos of Aiman 


Aiman Aim

Aiman Aim Work in Images

Aiman Aim Work in Images

Aiman Aim Work in Images

There are tons of other items you can see on her all social platforms by clicking on the given links below. 

Message for Females of Balochistan

Never underestimate your skills even if those skills are way smaller in your point of view. If u can make something you can bring it out as your own business. Start it from home, from ur family and acquaintances and eventually world will know ur power. Specially, we , the females from Balochistan need to break the stereotype of being insecure, meek, diffident, self doubting, etc.

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