YAD – An NGO that Works on the Quality Health and Life Program of People in Balochistan

YAD – An NGO that Works on the Quality Health and Life Program of People in Balochistan

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As human beings, we all want to live a life that tends to be brilliant in every aspect. However, different peoples have major issues and throwbacks in their lives that couldn’t let them re-stand in their life and enjoy every bit of it.

In that critical moment of a person’s life, one major hope or support that could come towards them will make all of their life hurdles into a blessing. Eventually, YAD is that supportive non-profitable organization that let the suffering people both mentally and physically get hope in their life and prosperous in their careers or normal routines.


What is YAD?

Youth Association for Development or YAD is a non-profit or Non-governmental organization that is dedicated to working upon the Quality health and life program of people who are suffering from major traumas like High Risky Behaviours, Transgenders, Youth, HIV/AIDs, and many more.

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In general, the YAD organization is based in the capital city of Balochistan, Quetta. Whoever is suffering from the above-mentioned issues both mental and physical are treated with the help of funds and other support systems that YAD gets. With those funds, the YAD organization whole team where people from different backgrounds are working together to create solutions for such types of people.

The Organization’s main role is to provide outclass assistance to the youth in the form of Donations that comes from patrons or sponsors. Apart from that, the provision of materials in form of legal, Informational, technical, and whatsoever needed in the moment of help will be provided to that needy person. YAD hosts charitable programs and events where the donors play their part to make all of the things possible for every needy individual.


What are the Major Objectives of YAD?

Just like any NGO works upon on some major Objectives, YAD also has some for the needy people of Balochistan.


Human Rights: Starting from Human Rights, YAD is working upon protection and promotion of basic human rights for the people of Balochistan like the Senior Citizens, individuals with disabilities, Women, children, Minorities, and many more. As a human, we all know that several issues lead to various references with such types of people in Balochistan whom YAD is trying to support positively.


Peace: Freedom, Justice, and many other things in society works as the leading factor to bring peace. Luckily, YAD is providing its contribution by working upon all these strong sectors professionally.


Development: Balochistan’s progress is way backward compared to the other provinces of Pakistan. The major reason behind this is the less interest of Stakeholders. Therefore, YAD is working upon mobilizing the Stakeholders to bring a better development and visionary impact in the society of Balochistan where new generations can get better opportunities and visionary minds to survive in the current times.


Health: A society that has healthy and active members must survive and make a positive impact for all of the other peoples due to their abilities. However, Balochistan is sadly a place where the majority of the people don’t know about the right way to live a healthy life, especially in the outskirts of Balochistan. Therefore, YAD is working upon developing a quality health program where all the population of Balochistan would get a better understanding of what they should need to do to remain healthy. Meanwhile, YAD is working upon safe abortions, malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and many other diseases that are normal in the people of Balochistan.


Gender-Equality: In the majority of parts of Balochistan, Gender-equality has never been discussed positively. Sadly, the major reason behind this is the less education among the families who lives in the side areas of Balochistan where a lot of females and males have the potential to excel in their life. Considering that issues, YAD is working upon incorporating Feminist, Gender sensitization, and humanism that can bring a positive change in society.


Quality Education: YAD is working upon bringing advanced technologies, a Curriculum, and an environment for the Youth of Balochistan where everybody can get a quality education. As we all know, Balochistan’s literacy rate is quite good when it comes to the sub-urban areas. Here, YAD is trying to increase the literacy and the attendance of youth in the school and colleges by guiding the families and students who believe that education is not worth it.


What Are The Program Areas?

Following is the list of Program Areas that YAD has mentioned on their official website.

  • Climate Action, Life Below Water and Life on Land.
  • Rule of Law.
  • Accountability, Transparency, and Open Data.
  • Clean, Affordable, and Alternate Energy.
  • Social justice, Gender Justice, and Reducing Inequalities.
  • Good Governance, Freedoms, and Democracy.
  • Social Harmony and Interfaith.
  • Clean Water, WASH, and WATSAN.
  • Minority rights, Women’s Rights, and human rights.
  • Good Health, SRHR, and Abortion.
  • Poverty Alleviation.
  • Increasing the Enrolment and Literacy along with the provision of Quality Education.
  • Strong Institutions and peace justice.
  • Youth Development, Empowerment, and Activism.
  • Adolescent and Child Protection.


Structure of YAD:

Just like any organization is dependent upon the list of experts who can provide beneficial and meaningful results, YAD is under the same structure to attain record-breaking results in Balochistan.

In Total, the Supreme Council General Body of the YAD organization has a total of 25 members. The entire authority at all levels is under the hands of the General body members. These members are accountable for all the LAWS and constitutions where YAD is registered.

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The board of directors’ members is 7. All of them are selected based upon the elections that host by the General Body of the organization after every three years. All of the major decisions, Revisions, planning, and policy guidelines are under the responsibilities of the Board of directors members. Meanwhile, the members are accountable to YAD general body. Besides that, the decision taking of expenditure, income, professional support, technical support, Programs, Governance, and finances are also on their hands.

Chief Executive office is another major designation in the YAD organization that is accountable to the board of directors. Every major to minor activity that is happening in different areas of Balochistan under the YAD program are discussed with the CEO. In other words, the CEO leads the Management who are working on all of the lists of things that we have discussed YAD.


What is the Contact Information and Address of YAD?

YAD is located at Main Paind Khan Road Chowk Shakarzai Saidan Quetta. However, their contact number is +92 (081) 2872652.

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