Ziarat Hotel Owners Charging Whooping Amount from Tourists

Ziarat Hotel Owners Charging Whooping Amount from Tourists

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If we talk about different countries globally, their source of earning and improvement of GDP is based on tourists from other parts of the world. Similarly, all the countries that have established themselves worldwide have realized the worth of the tourist industry.

Therefore, they are making various gateways for tourists’ peace and hassle-free experiences to attract more tourism in their countries.

If we talk about Pakistan, its value and positive side have been shown to the world after different top-notch YouTubers visited different parts of the world and Pakistan and uploaded the videos on YouTube Channels. Based on that, the considerable business increase is seen by the government of Pakistan.

Even, they have planned several projects that will improve the of tourist experiences who are coming from other parts of the world coming in Pakistan.

While Pakistan is famous for its tourism potentials, a critical province of Pakistan has the most influence in the minds of Tourists. Yes, we are talking about the Province, Balochistan.

If we talk about the old times, Baluchistan’s situations were not suitable for tourism. The people of Balochistan also used to avoid going to the tourist spots.

However, the influence of the government in this province has made all of things pretty easier and safe. And now, people from different parts of the world and even Pakistan visit the beautiful province Balochistan.

Recently, a video has published on Facebook regarding Ziarat where the tourist said that the hotel owners are charging a whopping amount for accommodations and food in ziarat.

In an interview, he mentioned that most hotel owners are charging 10,000 to 15,000 per night of stay.

A similar type of issue has occurred in Murree in the past. Surprisingly, such incidents in Murree have made a bad impression on people’s minds, and now no one usually visit to Murree. And Now, the same thing is adopting by the tourism businesses of Ziarat.

Compared to Murree, Ziarat is the place that is based upon the number of the population who are poor. The majority of the people living there earn their bread and butter with tourism as there is nothing else they would do to make a good amount of money.

Therefore, the behavior of the Ziarat hotel owners charging whooping amounts is affecting the whole population of ziarat.


Why Should Ziarat Hotel Owners Facilitate the Tourists from Punjab, Sindh, and KPK

Why Should Ziarat Hotel Owners Facilitate the Tourists from Punjab, Sindh, and KPK?

There are tons of tourist spots in Pakistan where people turn their way for tourism. Despite that, Balochistan is getting fame and more tourists than other tourist places in Pakistan.

The primary reason behind this is that most tourists have visited other tourism spots, but ziarat and other areas are new to explore. It has become one after the safe tourism experience in Balochistan.

Ziarat is famous for the Quaid-e-Azam residency and the winter’s snowfall. Meanwhile, it’s considered the second largest juniper forest area in the whole world. These things make ziarat an attractive spot for people living in different parts of Pakistan.

If we talk about Ziarat owners, they need to understand that charging a whopping amount from the tourist is never an excellent approach to run their businesses. Let the business grow on a good profit margin for the whole year instead of charging a considerable amount only in winters.

Charging reasonable accommodation prices for the hotels will attract more customers in the area, which will make a continuous stream of income for them. Besides that, other businesses like Transport, Food, and tour guide can get a major breakthrough in their businesses as well.

A fantastic option for the Ziarat owners is to set up their links with other essential Ziarat businesses relevant to hoteling.

So, anyone who is coming to ziarat for tourism can get all of the amenities in one place without any hurdles. In simple words, the ziarat hotel owners have to do a meeting and gather all of the food, Transport, and tour guide businesses at one place for the betterment of the business. It will not only increase the number of tourists in Ziarat, but the whole area would also get significant benefits out of it.


What will Happen in the Future?

What will Happen in the Future?

Being a tourist, everyone wants to have an excellent and hassle-free time wherever they stays. Based on that, anyone would love to visit the same place where they experienced something pleasing and calm. If the hotel owners try to charge the whooping amount, again and again, it will make drastic issues in the future.

Like charging a hefty amount of hotel accommodation will not allow the new tourist to visit ziarat for any reasons.

Therefore, it will raise several kinds of issues for the other businesses as well. Just like Muree, Ziarat will only become a place that will show on the TV news while snowing, but no tourist will come to that place for any reason.

Suppose the Ziarat tourism businesses want to make something good for themselves; In that case, they need to build the right strategy where the tourists from other cities would enjoy everything to the core.

In other words, they need to launch packages where all of the amenities like Food, Transport, and Tour guide include to it. Meanwhile, the charges need to be as minimal as possible. The whole game should be to gain more visitors but setup a minimal profit margin, which will make a gateway for the citizens of Ziarat to have a sustainable income stream throughout the year.


What do the People of Balochistan say about Ziarat Whooping Hotel Charges?

What do the People of Balochistan say about Ziarat Whooping Hotel Charges?

We talked about the Karachi tourist video complaining about Ziarat hotels charges. However, the people of Balochistan are also concerned about the ziarat whooping charges, which is un-justifiable. Yes, many Balochistan residents also have complaints about the unnecessary behavior of the ziarat residence. They believe that charging such a huge amount will shut down the doors for ziarat with the new tourist, and no one will ever want to come to ziarat.

Compared to other tourism spots, ziarat is still under-developed, and many other amenities need to be set up on a high level. Therefore, charging such a huge amount without prior facilities is like cutting off all the wires that lead to a sustainable business experience.

The people of Balochistan have shared their reviews and told that the government needs to take actions against the ziarat hotel owners and other businesses. If they don’t stop it now, ziarat will not have more tourists again in the future. Also, they have said that the government needs to guide the people of ziarat about how to handle the tourism business and how they would get benefits from it by filling the gaps.

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