Road Stoves Restaurant Quetta, Balochistan (Complete Details and Review)

Road Stoves Restaurant Quetta, Balochistan (Complete Details and Review)

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As you may know that everyone wants to have fresh food.

 One of the best fast food chain in Quetta with delicious food and have excellent services.

Suppose if you are looking for fresh Pizza, Fries, Shakes in Quetta?

Then I will absolutely recommend you to look no more!

Because Road Stoves in there to fill your appetite with the maximum pleasure for our tastebuds.

With the excellent quality and taste for pizza, Fries, Burger,

And Shakes get a taste of undoubtedly Awesome restaurant in Quetta city providing taste with a Class.

Personal Suggestion

  • Brownie Sandwich
  • Shawarma Roll

This is the two delicious fast food that I have tried in Road Stove Satellite Town Quetta, I must also consider adding Fries in my list.

Fries are very soft and have great taste, that I tried too in Road Stove Quetta.

Road Stove Range of Products!

  1. Burger
    “Fresh crispy Grilled bun, usually supplemented with various seasonings like lettuce, ketchup, and mayonnaise,
    slices of pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, and raw onions, this is a classic portrait of RoadStovesburgers, served inside that cut round loaf of meat.”
  2. Pizza
    “Nothing better than the traditional pick of Italian food; Pizza is a treat in itself. Our pizza gives you a perfect combination of light inside and crunchy on the bottom.
    The toppings are fresh and fragrant. The threads of cheesy cheese when the slice comes out to give you that specially serve that you deserve.”
  3. Fries
    “Freshly Served, moderately cut Fries, topped with flavored Sauces of your own choice. Garlic Mayo, Barbecue, ketchup Mayo is our streamline specialty for French fries.”
  4. Shakes
    “In the blinding light of a Summer Noon, what’s going to be a better deal than a refreshing, soothing and a lusciously thick sip of freshly cut, blended and served fruit milkshakes!
    Our Milk Shakes gather a wide range of variety; Banana, Mango, strawberry, pineapple, Oreo, Chocolate, KitKat, Snickers, and Bounty Flavors.”

Free Home Delivery

For Free Home Delivery You must contact the given phone numbers Below.

Satellite Town Quetta081-2452727
Millennium Mall Quetta0303-2561129
Samungli Road Quetta081-2825971
BUITEMS Quetta0335-3836597
Quetta Cantt081-2882458

Download Full Menu!

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Recommendation’s to Road Stoves in Pakistan

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Website and Social media Account to receive orders from their official Android Applications or Website.

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