Muzamil Alizai An Artist and Music Composer From Quetta

Muzamil Alizai An Artist and Music Composer From Quetta

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Muzamil Alizai is a Professional Artist and Music Composer, Who belongs from Quetta, District Mastung. He is a student of BS Zoology 6th Semester at Government Postgraduate Science College Quetta.

Muzamil Alizai 21 years young talented boy produces music electronically, writes songs, composing songs as well as sings them.

Muzamil spends years on various Blogs, YouTube, Wiki as well as a lot of music producers on YouTube, He is self-taught.

First Song of Mr. Muzamil Alizai (Khuwaab)

The song was captured at Chiltan, Balochistan. And as well as some of Muzamil productions are published on PATARI.

It’s the Muzamil passion for singing songs and composing music, but; Unfortunately, his family doesn’t support him to choose music work as his dream Job.

Audio Song by Muzamil [Chahat]

But, Muzamil says, that can work in post production of making songs, how it’s done A to Z, as well as in composing music and of course making beats for rappers, singers all Audio work writing songs.

Message to Young Generation of Balochistan

Muzamil Alizai, “Nothing is impossible when you make music or express your talent, people will always discourage you and its also expensive passion the gadgets are expensive but don’t worry, if you want to start you only have to have a Laptop and an Internet Connection a Headphone and last a Mic”.

How To Learn Like Muzamil Alizai?

Muzamil is self-taught, many people will always make excuses that we don’t have a Guru, etc, that help us teach song and music composing, but here Muzamil tells a different story, He says, You need an Internet Connection from Your Home and Music Product at Home, You are good to start.

It’s very discouraging, that when your passion is to sing, dance or acting, but your family the backbone of your career doesn’t support you.

I wish all the parents support his/her son and daughters to follow their passion.

Nakami Audio Song By Muzamil Alizai 

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Support Muzamil Alizai to Carry his Songs and Music Composing Career, We Wish Him Best of Luck for His Future Career.

Together We Can Change Balochistan.

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