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Child Marriages in Balochistan – An Important Thing, Needs to Stop

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The article is staring with quick statistics of child marriages happens in the past few years. More than 20% of the girls are married in Pakistan before the age of 18. Of this percentage, More than 40% are from 11 to 15 years old and 32% are from 6 to 10 years old.

In general, these are the percentage which the reports have shown us, but there are few others which are still unreported.

The main thing behind child marriages is the poverty, illiteracy, social and gender inequality in Pakistan.

In a research paper titled with “Child Marriage and Its Impact on Maternal and Child Health in Pakistan” written by Muazzam Nasrullah, there were different aspects he mentioned in the conclusion of the research which I am mentioning below.

He said that “Child marriage was significantly associated with decreased likelihood of any prenatal care and prenatal care by skilled medical care providers, and increased the likelihood of delivery assistance by unskilled medical providers and delivery at home”

The females getting married at an early age are facing severe health issues, and in most cases, they lost their babies.

Scientifically, we all need to keep a strong point in this topic as there is a specific time for every gender to get married otherwise the couples would see unwanted pregnancy and the horrible results.

It is also be seen in different situations that parents of poor families fixed marriage of their daughters with any old rich man.

If we take this situation from an Islamic point of view, so the parents must have to discuss with their children’s before setting their marriages with others. And if their children’s are not agreed with the relation to continuing then there is no rule to forcedly keep them in this swamp.

In 1929 there was a strong act created for the Child marriage and in the act, every individual has to follow the rules by setting the marriage of male children after 18 years and the females after 16 years old.

The high-authorities also imposed punishment for those who break this rule with 1-month prison and 1000 Pakistani rupees fine.

But in recent times, there is no law showing any sort of prohibition for this forcedly and brutal marriages.

The government of Balochistan has to set any sort of rules which don’t allow the parents to force their children for early marriages in 10 to 11 years of age.

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