Quetta Traditional Food

Quetta Traditional Food

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Other cities in Pakistan are famous for their food while Quetta is also famous if we talk about the Food. The food specialty of Quetta is also captured on the heart of all Pakistan.

There are different foods in Quetta that are like by other cities as well, some of the foods are:


Basically, the word derives two meaning Dam means to breathe in and Pukht means to cook. A rounded heavy pot is used for this dish, ingredients like mutton, potatoes, chili, garlic, ginger, and all the related herbs are put inside the pot and tightly closed it.

The process of cooking the dish may take 4 to 5 hours depending on the cook but needs to cook on a slow flame. This is the main key asset of making this dish which makes it unique and tasty.


Khaddi Kabab:

Khaddi kabab is one of the most favorite dishes famous and like by the people in Pakistan. The process of making this dish is to cut the belly side of the goat put the rice inside it and seal it with stitches and marinate all the goat or lamb into masala and then cover it with aluminum.

Dig in the surface and put the goat/lamb inside it and cover it with anything from the top and after that, the burning coal was placed into it. The process of Khadi kabab may take a half day. This is why the taste of this dish become more unique and tastier.



Sajji is also the unique dish of Quetta that is now trying to other cities of Pakistan as well. The master ingredient of preparing sajji is to put salt or other need able ingredients. There are no spices needed to put into the chicken or mutton.

The main thing which is unique in this dish is the low flame cooking and fewer ingredients. A tasty Sajji may take a whole day to cook.



Roast is one of the best gravy foods in Quetta and is also cook into light flame with light ingredients that makes it so much unique and tasty. Dubai hotel restaurant kuchlak is one of the famous roast makers.

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