Naaz Gull Mohammad - Shotokan Player From Quetta

Naaz Gull Mohammad – Shotokan Player From Quetta

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Shotokan, A intimate branch of Karate, It was Founded in Japan 1936. The word literally means “Pine Waves House”,

In today’s world, Shotokan has highly rated the game and played many countries which consist lots of record makers, Heroes and the best thing is that still our country Pakistan is not left behind in this race of the world.

Naaz Gull Mohammad

Today I am going to share with you guys the daughter of our Country. Miss Naaz Gull Mohammad, She has waved her Pakistan’s Flag in lots of Countries and has won the honor for her country (Pakistan).

Naaz Gull Mohammad

Naaz Gull Mohammad belongs from the rich soil of Quetta, Balochistan, (Hazara Community).

Naaz Gull Mohammad

In her life Gull had always love for karate since she was a child, She Joined Karate Club under the supervision of Mr. Ghulam Ali in 2009.


Within Three months in Karate she won her first fight of 5th Woman National Karate Tournament Hyderabad and also won Bronze, And Silver Medals.

She had fought with many National Matches from 5th Woman National till 10th Women National, And she has won more than 40 medals.

Naaz Gull Mohammad

Naaz Gull Mohammad always represent her country Pakistan and fought lots of International matches in Dubai, India 2016, Azerbaijan, and Sri Lanka 2017.

Naaz Gull Mohammad

She is working very hard to bright her Country’s name all around the world, and also Gull had been nominated in Balochistan Excellence Award.

Naaz Gull Mohammad

Gull is Multitalented, Champion in Badminton and in table tennis. She has also won Silver Medal in Inter College badminton Championship Balochistan in 2011, 2012 and won the silver medal in Balochistan inter-university table tennis 2014.

Occupation:Family Roots:Education:Native Place:
Shotokan PlayerHazara  MSCQuetta, Balochistan

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