school business in quetta

School Business in Quetta

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Education is one of the necessary things in a person life. Without proper education, you couldn’t grow well as a personality or as a good human being.

There are several key factors that make us a better and successful person including education. If you take admission in a good school who is providing true education in the best manner, then there is nothing that stops you from shinning in the world.

There is one topic which we frequently hear in family and friends gathering, and its School as a business. If we count the schools in Quetta, so there are tons of schools and their branches opened in different parts of Quetta.

Wherever you go, there is a bunch of schools available in front of you. This makes sense if we consider it as a business, because the availability of school campus may decrease the problem of a child in any of the school.

But, the thing which affects the most is that kids are losing the quality thinking ability and intelligence daily. The schools are hiring teachers with no experience in this field and fewer salaries.

Private Schools are charging lots of feeses in the name of education. In reality, they are doing all of this to skyrocket their businesses.

private school

This is the meme posted by different pages of Facebook, and this is the reality. Private schools save a lot of money by creating different days in school. 

They organize different events and charges most of the money from the parents of students. There is also the scenerio of uniforms in which the parents are not allowed to buy it from any other shop but the one school ask them to buy from. This type of behavior needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Because education is the key to success and if we want to open the lock of our personality we need to put the best key from a bunch.

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