Amanullah Khan Expert Mushroom Grower from Quetta

Amanullah Khan Expert Mushroom Grower from Quetta

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Amanullah Khan another talent from Quetta, Who owns Mushroom research farm in Quetta, First time in History of Quetta, Mr. Amanullah has grown Oyster and Button Mushroom. 

Quetta Mushroom Amanullah Khan

Health Benefits from Mushroom

  • May Prevent Breast and Prostate Cancer 
  • Helps Balance Cholesterol Levels
  • Ideal for Diabetics 
  • Cure Anaemia
  • Good For Bone Health 
  • Improves The Immune System
  • Helps High Blood Pressure
  • Rich in Copper and Selenium 
  • Great For Weight Loss 
  • Good For The Skin

Amanullah Khan Mushroom Firm Quetta

Coming Back to Amanullah Khan’s Life Story

Amanullah has done his basic computer course of DIT (Diploma in Information & Technology) from Oasis IT Institute, Al-Ain, UAE.

Mr. Amanullah has spent most of his life time in UAE, While in 2015, Amanullah Came back to his Homeland Quetta. 

He wanted to start his very own business, He got an idea of mushroom farming and this is where now he owns Mushroom firm in Quetta. 

Mr. Amanullah Mengal Mushroom Firm Quetta

So, Mr. Amanullah went to Islamabad Largest Margala Mushroom Firm to Learn Mushroom growing business and after spending his 6 months in the training, he finally succeed to open his own business in Quetta. 

Like, everyone in life fails, Same Amanullah has tried for over 8 months made many trails on mushroom, but they all failed. But, Today, Mashallah. Mr. Amanullah has Successfully Achieved his results. 

Mushroom Growing in Quetta By Amanullah Khan

Mr. Amanullah Message for Young Unemployed

Amanullah Says, “I want young berozgaar generation to think about mushroom growing, it’s easy and valuable, can easily be grown in home”. 

Amanullah Khan offers young interested individuals to help them to learn about mushroom growing, It’s a golden opportunity, if you are interested, you may contact him in his social media accounts. listed below.

Amanullah Khan Mushroom Firm Owner Quetta

Order Your Fresh Oyster Mushrooms Now

Buy Online Oyster Mushrooms in Quetta from Amanuallah Khan Firm Balochistan

Take a Look at Some of the Mushroom Dishes

Mushroom As a Dish

Mushroom as a Dish in Quetta

Again, Don’t Forget To Order Your Fresh Mushroom from Quetta Mushroom Firm

Quetta Mushroom Firm

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