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Maryam Khan – Most Qualified Lady from Naseerabad

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Maryam Khan was born on 20 August 1996, in Naseerabad, Balochistan. She belongs to a Sadozai Tribe.

The reason for sharing this article with you is to motivate the young females around Balochistan. 

She is just a 22 years old girl, and she has achieved so much at this early age. Achieving something would look easy but there are so much hard work and sleepless night that make a person for achieving something.

There is a lot of information that I am going to share with you all about her achievements at this early age.

She completed her early education from PAF Samungli, Fsc, and Automation Diploma at the same time from Zhob, Bachelors in Arts, Masters in International relationship and English literature from the University of Balochistan, She is currently a law student in University Law College Quetta. 

She Achieved all these degrees with a first division and the only female from her district who achieved a lot of degrees with good grades. She has a medical, engineering, computer background, and a shining future lawyer.

Maryam Message for the Females of Balochistan

keep your face to sunshine and you cannot see shadow, Workhard to achieve your goal.

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