Ali Qalandrani - Hiphop Artist from Quetta

Ali Qalandrani – Rapper Artist from Quetta

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Ali was born on 2004 in Quetta, He has cleared his matriculation from Elegance School of Computer Sciences and is currently going his 1st Year in College.

Ali’s Journey:

According To Ali Raza He Used To Listen To Indo-Pak HipHop When He Was 14.

He Says I Used To Wonder How Someone Can Write Such Lyrics! Then He Started Writting Rap And Then He Learnt What He Had To.

He Says He’s Inspired From The NewYork HipHop Of 90s According To Him.

Ali Raza’s A HipHop Music Producer Also And He Works To Represent Quetta And His Beautiful Province Balochistan And Wants The People Of Balochistan To Give A Try To This Genre.

He Says HipHop Is A Good Way To Explain The Society Of Ours ACHIEVEMENTS.

He Has Songs Named “DASTAN” And “DASTAN 2.0” “BEEF”

Some Of The American And Pakistani YouTubers Have Done Reaction Videos On That Too.

In A Facebook Group Of Pakistan “Lumber One HipHop Posting” He Participated In A Rap Battle Called “Spit Fire”.

There Were 90+ Rappers Participating In That Group. The Judges Were “The Malir Boys” A Music Band From Karachi Malir. Which Has Done Songs With “Youngstunners” A Rap Duo From PAKISTAN,Karachi

And Ali Raza Got A Positive Appericiation From There From All Those 90+ Rappers 5 Guys Were Selected And ALI RAZA Was One Of Them. But Unfortunatle He Couldn’t Make It In The Next Round.

But Still He’s Motivitated And Satisfied From His Music

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