Sehat Kahani - Health Consultant in Karachi

Sehat Kahani – Health Consultant in Karachi

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Introducing you Sehat Kahani, a health consultant in Karachi, they aim to democratize healthcare by building an all-female health provider network to deliver high-quality healthcare solutions while using telehealth.

Last year they have launched an application by the name of Sehat Kahani. Looking at the current situation they are going to provide free consultation through their application and website for three months. They have many doctors available 24/7 for your assistance; all consultations are free of cost.


Patient Access

More than 50 percent of the Pakistani population lacks access to a doctor in his or her community, Sehat Kahani’s network of E-Health Clinics ensures the presence of a virtual female doctor in communities where high-quality healthcare was still a dream.

Sehat Kahani App

“Sehat Kahani’s mobile and web-based application is a holistic digital health solution that enables individuals to access primary and secondary healthcare services online without the hassle of waiting for long hours at a physical healthcare facility.”

Sehat Kahani iOS App

Sehat Kahani Android App

Sehat Kahani Website

How to use the Sehat Kahani Application?

  • The patient can log in to the application creating a unique login patient ID.
  • The patient can record their health data to have a virtual healthcare database within the application.
  • Patients can access a female doctor (general physician or specialist) according to their health needs.
  • Doctors are available for an “instant consultation” or via “book an appointment option” for the ease of the patient.
  • The patient can opt for audio/video/ chat consultation with the doctor.
  • Consultation history, as well as prescriptions, can be provided to the patient digitally.
  • The patient can get access to an at-home laboratory or at home pharmacy service via the application as well.
  • Patients can post general health queries on the health forum within the application.
  • The patient can use a mobile gateway payment system to make payment for their consultation for smooth access to the online doctor.

Regards : Dr. Rabia Tufail

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