Farukh Sheikh

Farukh Sheikh Dance Artist from Quetta

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Farukh Sheikh was born on and raised in Quetta Balochistan. Talking about his education so he completed Intermediate from Fazia Inter College Quetta and Graduated in Civil Engineering from Buitems University Quetta.

Dancing is what makes a person more connected to the audience. Dancing changes the mood and personality of a performer and the audience.

If talking about Balochistan, you can see different cultural dance performances at weddings and other events since the early days.

But if we talk about Dance Covers, freestyle battles, Free Style individual, Popping, Hip-hop, Locking, Popping and Bboy.

Farukh Sheikh realizes about the passion of dance he following is not popular and less known for the people. Bue without any hurdles he started practicing dance steps of whatever he likes and started performing on his university.

He later becomes a performing artist at his university.

The uniqueness and good steps performances make him very popular in the university. He is not famous only in university but in the social platforms as well.

He has earned almost 12 thousand fans on Facebook.

Farukh Sheikh Sayings about his passion

Touching the world and emotions through my Art.Let your Art Inspire the world and you as well .I was a learner , I am a learner and I will be a learner . Engineering is my Degree and Dance is my Passion. Dance is all about creativity and producing positivity and Inspiring World.

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