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Jamal Shah – Pakistani Artist from Quetta

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Jamal Shah was born in 1956 to a Pathan Syed family in Quetta. If we talk about his education so we did not find any information about his early school life but we managed to track information about his professional education.

He completed Master’s in English literature from Balochistan University, Quetta in 1978. Later he went to National College of Arts Lahore. He also obtained a Masters degree in fine arts from Slade school of art London.

If we talk about his Occupation so he is a Film Actor, Singer, sculpture, director and culture activist. The journey for achieving his passion was not so easy as he belongs to a Syed family and working in the media industry was almost a taboo in his family.

But the dedication and passion did not stop him to achieve his passion.


Besides that, he also has some other career achievements too.

In 1984 he established the Fine arts department in University of Balochistan and also was the Head of the department for three years.

In 1985 he formed the Artists Association of Balochistan and was also become the first Chairman of Artist Association of Pakistan.

In 2007 he became the Executive director of PNCA Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

He is also a director of art academy “HunderKada” in Islamabad which he founded in 1992.

The recent film he directed was Revenge of the Worthless that earned 3.5 million rupees according to Wikipedia.


If we talk about his family so Jamal shah current Wife is Amna Shah who is also an artist from the profession and the principal of “Hunarkada”. Jamal Shah has two daughters and one son.

Besides all this Jamal Shah also represented Pakistan on different platforms as well. Artist like Jamal Shah is they only reason Quetta is still famous all over the world. Quetta is full of talent and people like Jamal Shah has proved it.

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