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Ehsan Ali Danish – A Successful Businessman and Motivational Speaker from Quetta

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Ehsan Ali Danish was born and raised in Quetta, Balochistan. He completed his early education from Govt. Special High School, professional studies from University of Balochistan and Preston University.

The hardworking and dedication qualities in his blood make him stand to the place where he is independent and successful.

Although the meaning of success is different for every individual but the main reason people find success into is how well you established.

Patience, hard work, dedication is the key that leads you to success and this is in Ehsan since childhood.

There are different achievements he acquired in his life.

  • CEO at PharmaSolutions.
  • Founder at Mera Pakistan Youth Forum.
  • Owner at Paradigm Pharmaceuticals.
  • Former Owner at HollyHocks Gateway.
  • He also appeared in morning show due to his abilities.

He is one of the motivations and examples for the people of Balochistan who wants to accomplish something extraordinary in their life.

People like Ehsan Ali Danish are portraying the potential and positive sight of Balochistan.

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