Haris Baloch - 16 Year old Entrepreneur From Balochistan

Haris Baloch – 16 Year old Entrepreneur From Balochistan

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Haris Baloch was born in Kharan, Balochistan. Haris was 13 Years old when he desires to be independent, Financially and Mentally.

He is a source of inspiration for youngsters of Balochistan and all around the world.

Haris Baloch, A 16-year old entrepreneur from Balochistan, Pakistan explains his first experience with Business.

“It was my first ever business venture, everything looked good on paper but I lacked the proper execution skills. Nevertheless, It was my first taste of business – A thrilling learning experience. So much so that even after it failed, I decided to continue with another business.”

Haris Baloch


“Success for me is when I am able to give my family and loved ones the standard of living they deserve. I believe success is a result of happiness and not the other way around.”


“I was thirteen when I started my first venture, and a lot has changed in the past three years. The most prominent change I see is that I have become more responsible when it comes to expenses and budgeting. Initially, I struggled with keeping cash flow in check, So I learned bookkeeping and money management techniques to curb this habit.”

“I felt very let down after my second business venture failed because the team I had put together was constantly struggling to perform as I had imagined. Initially, I was depressed and blamed the team’s inability to succeed for the failure. Thankfully, I soon realized that as a leader it is my responsibility to put my team-mates in a position challenges individually. So instead of giving up, I started working on my communication skills and made an effort to understand my team on a deeper level. I am very glad to say that I still have the same team working with me on my current projects.”


Let’s See:
1. Recruitment – I wish someone had told me to set boundaries and accountability systems for my employees. I also made the classic mistake of hiring close-friends/family. Most of them showed up with a sense of entitlement and never really seemed to be working as hard as other team members. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to hire/partner with a relative or friend, Just make sure that the person you are recruiting knows that professional life and personal life are two separate things.

2. Contracts/Agreements – All I’d say is no matter how pure and sincere your intentions are towards the world, there will always be someone willing to take advantage of you. When it comes to business and my professional life, I take things very seriously and now I make sure that I have a written document-form of every collaboration/project I take on. This eliminates the possibility of anyone backing down from their commitments without a proper protocol.

3. A proper mindset – This is one thing I was mind-blown by when I learned about it. The power of the human brain is very great and we often fail to grasp the concept of manifestation. What you believe is what you get. If you truly. and completely believe that you can achieve something, and if you put in the effort and sacrifice required, you will most definitely achieve that goal. I am a living example of this and there are countless others who tapped in on their brain to use it to their advantage and avoid distractions.”



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