Quetta Startup Who Launched a Platform that Generates and Scan QR Codes

Quetta Startup Who Launched a Platform that Generates and Scan QR Codes

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QR code is one of the main topics in the current times. People are getting a lot of sales and helping their businesses or products market in the best ways possible. Therefore, every single person tries to take full advantage of it.

Nobody has so much time looking at the data or information that contains a lot of information. Therefore, they want to get the simplest and quickest form of information, which could help them in the possible instances. Hence, the use of QR code generation becomes an avid tool.

The basic principle of a QR code is that whenever a person puts the QR code scanner towards the codes, it fetches all of the data saved inside, and that information instantly pops up to the screen. Hence, the whole experience of a person gets improved, and it helps them save their time on the other kind of information’s.

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The best thing about QR codes in recent times is that you can easily create them without paying money to the other person. Therefore, it makes so much sense for people to use it for their personal needs.

When we talk about the QR code generator, you should not use it solely for business or products. Many people would make it for their personal needs as well. The government authorities are also making good use of it, just like we talk about the COVID-19 cards coming with the QR of every person mentioned on it. So, anyone can scan that code to authenticate the person by getting into the landing page that shows all of the information.

If we specifically talk about Quetta, it’s considered the most deprived and less privileged area of Pakistan. Despite that, one of the startups has emerged from this geographical location and created the platform with the name Ebarcode.io.


What is EbarCode.io?

EbarCode.io is a QR code Generator platform that deals with almost every type of QR code generation, including social media platforms, email accounts, Websites, applications, and many more. Anyone who is doing business in Quetta and wants to do its marketing can consider the EbarCode.io platform to create the QR code. More than 11 types of QR code generation services are provided in this platform which is the initiative of the locals of Quetta.

The whole platform is created and managed in Quetta by talented IT specialists who deal with Software development, Website development, and Digital marketing services. Therefore, every minor to primary service you will get from this platform provides you with value.

Whether you are a new person or belong to the IT industry, the use of this platform is easy. All things are mentioned to the platform that you need to follow to create the QR code in no time. Hence, the whole experience turns out to be as best as possible for you.

Ebarcode comes with a proper mobile app solution for the users. Yes, you can now easily Scan or Create a QR code by using the official mobile app of this platform.

The app is available on the Google Play store with all the possible Features. Hence, it would be as easier and quick for you to use its app anywhere you want for the purpose of scanning or creating a QR code.

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