Asia’s Largest Oil and Gas Reserves Might Soon be Found Near Karachi

Asia’s Largest Oil and Gas Reserves Soon be Found Near Karachi

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Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced a very excited news for Pakistanis, telling the countrymen about the discovery of Asia’s Largest Oil and Gas reserves in Pakistani Territory. 

The reserves would be soon discovered in the areas of Karachi’s offshore waters. 

This successful exploration can really change the future of the country, the premier information a group of journalists on Monday.

Earlier, there were some speculations around the development, specifically on different social media platforms.

Despite the rumors, no concrete update was shared by any of the stakeholders,

however. Imran Khan’s statement comes as welcome news for the nation. 

Imran Khan has requested all the Pakistanis to pray for the success of this mission as this will really boost up the current struggling economy of Pakistan.

If it is successful, the country is going to easily become self sufficient in terms of oil and gas supply and demand. 

More news regarding this topic, is going to come in upcoming days as Mr. Imran Khan shares his updates regarding the development with the nation.

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