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Abdullah Achakzai – A Multi Talented Media Personality from Killa Abdullah

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Abdullah Achakzai is basically from Killa Abdullah, but he spends most of his life in Quetta. Killa Abdullah is a 75 km away place at the northwest side of Quetta.

Educational Details 

If talking about his education so there is a lot to share below.

  • Studied O-levels at Rawal Cadet College Islamabad.
  • Studied Political Sciences/Economics at the University of Balochistan.
  • Studied Media Studied Media Studies & Journalism at the University of Balochistan.

Life Experiences

If talking about his life experiences so below is the list.

Abdullah Achakzai is one of the most well-known personalities of Quetta who portrayed the positive side of Balochistan with its talent.

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abdullah achakzai

abdullah achakzai

abdullah achakzai

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