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Zaydan Khan a Multi Talented Personality from Quetta

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Zaydan khan was born and raised in Balochistan. He has done MBA from Buitems University Quetta.  Quetta is a soil of most talented personalities who are dominating in making Pakistan proud and one of them is Zaydan khan. 

As you see the title he is no doubt the multi-talented personality from Quetta. The main speciality of him is in leadership and he has the experience of more than half a decade in motivational speaking, Facilitation, CV development, Public relations and keynote speaking. 

Talking about his public motivational and personality building sessions so he almost taught more than 45,000 students from all around Pakistan.

He is one of finest storyteller and a gem of a confident person who can face an unlimited amount of audience at anywhere and at any time. He is the only young motivational speaker from Balochistan who performed in so many places.

He has the belief to change someone dream into reality by giving motivational sessions and that is the reason he performs in different sessions.

Moreover, he is also a passionate Actor and a model as well. He usually performs in different modeling events and does shoots as well. He also has a unique hairstyle which really makes him attractive and handsome and a full media industry package.  

Zaydan has acted on different Pakistani Dramas and one international film  “Abdullah the final witness” which was screened in different international Festivals.

People like Zaydan Khan doing so much good for Pakistan and portraying the positive image of Balochistan as well. We wish him the best of luck for the future. 

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