Sudais Rafiq

Sudais Rafiq Young Motivational Speaker from Panjgur

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Panjgur is in the west of Balochistan province and comes inside Makran district. Well, Panjgur has a vast history and from an Islamic point of the name of Panjgur derived into two ways, Panj means Five and Gur means Grave. There are five popular graves of Sahabas in Panjgur.

But let me tell you about a young guy who is from the famous and historical Panjgur and he is a motivational speaker as well who has been a lot of viewership on his videos. 

So without any delay let me tell you about the young blood from Panjgur “Sodais Rafiq” a motivational speaker.

Sudais Rafiq has a good sense of humor and the presentation skills are way so better and professional. The English spoken power is also very good and attractive. One of the recent videos we have seen of Sudais Rafiq was on a page name PEADS.

Motivational video of Sudais Rafiq

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