This Parkour Guy from Quetta is Turning Heads in Pakistan

This Parkour Guy from Quetta is Turning Heads in Pakistan

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Well most you might not know that parkour free running which is a well known activity around the world, however, you are not going to see that in Pakistan more often.

If you closely watch the parkour free-runners do what they do is truly interesting. Shar Hussain, who belongs to Quetta, he is multi-talented and displays multiple interesting acts that wonders people.

But, The sad part if that there is no awareness or any recognition for such a talents in Pakistan, is there?

Shar Hussain is currently living in the beautiful city of Punjab, Lahore, Shar Hussain has some of the tricks that will blow your mind.

Watch Shar Hussain in Action:

You already have seen these types of mesmerizing tricks in the Hollywood films. Why not we are offering him an opportunity to play a role in the Pakistani action movies and make the action look more close to the reality?

Let’s Take a Look at Some of His Amazing Vidoes:

Shar Hussain deserves a recognition and a platform to list him, this is why is here to feature any individual with talents from Balochistan. 

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