Rubina Irfan

Rubina Irfan – Politician and Owner of Women Football Club from Balochistan

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Rubina Irfan Life and Political History

Rubina Irfan was born on 5 August 1965, in Quetta. If talk about her education so she completed Schooling from St.Joseph Convent School Quetta and Completed MBA from the University of Balochistan. 

Some facts that you must need to know.

  • She is the Wife of Prince Agha Irfan Karim. (Ex-provincial minister).

  • Daughter in law of the great Baloch rebel Prince Agha Abdul Karim Khan of Kalat. (Younger brother of Khan of Kalat.)

  • Granddaughter of Mir Qadir Bakhsh- Mir Nabi Bakhsh Zehri. The mighty mineral mining tycoons. Pioneers of coal mines and dark green onyx mining in Balochistan.

  • The only woman from to be a part of all three assemblies, provincial, national and Senate.

Rubina Irfan served as a Senator of Pakistan since 2012, Elected at Provisional Assembly of Balochistan in 2002, Law minister from 2007 to 2012. 

She was elected as MPA from on women reserved seat W-55 in 2002 in affiliation with PML(Q). She delivers her services as Chairperson for Standing Committee on Government Assurances Balochistan Assembly. She is currently elected President of PML (Q) Women Wing. 

Well if talking about football ownership so Rubina Irfan founded Balochistan Women Football Club back in 2004.  She also has been the President of Pakistan Women Football Federation since its occurrence in 2005.

Rubina Irfan Work for Women Football

She is the mother of Late Sha Lyla Baloch who is one of the best forward women football players in National women football team Pakistan ever produced. Raheela Zarmeen is also the Daughter of Rubina Irfan and a Manager of Balochistan Women Football Club and Pakistan National Women Football Team.

Her dedication and hard work are very high and appreciable as she is the only one who starts the trend of Women football in Pakistan and completed the dream of women who wants to play football by founding Club and organizing and supporting different Football events in Across Pakistan.

Female Like Rubina Irfan is the source of inspiration for the ladies of Pakistan.

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