Pishukan Beach Gwadar - Beautiful Place for Enjoyment

Pishukan Beach Gwadar – Beautiful Place for Enjoyment

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Pishukan Beach Gwadar is the most beautiful coastal town in the area. It is 40 Km distance away on the east side of Gwadar. It can take around 45 minutes to drive for reaching the place.

While traveling to Pishukan you will surely enjoy the amazing views and landscapes ever in your life. While traveling and stopping to some point near the road you will see some of the beautiful birds at the Sea that makes your trip more beautiful.

Pishukan was a reign on Oman in the early days and still, a fortress on 1944 is available at Pishukan with its original structure.

In the early days, the leader of a Pishukan area gets the chance to sit into the Fortress and is now under the custody of the Levies Forces.

The source of income of the population is Fishing as the populated area is near to the beach.

If you are planning to visit pishukan so the best months to consider in your list is from September to March. The weather is so hot in the summers so you should avoid visiting the place in the summers.

The water is crystal clear and it is the place not visited by most of the people so you will get a good surrounding and beautiful view with so much calmness.

Video of Pishukan Beach Gwadar

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