NADRA Will Only Serve Women on Fridays

NADRA Will Only Serve Women on Fridays

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Recently, NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) has decided to reserve every Friday for Women.

Every Friday the officials of NADRA will issue only the CNIC Cards (Computerized National Identity Card) to women.

Every individual of country appreciated the NADRA’s initiative with some saying that this empowers women in the country.

And the other suggests that every woman will more actively perform in the electoral process through this measure.

According to a brand new report submitted to Prime Minister Imran Khan, This policy is one of 64 new brand programs launched for the welfare of Pakistanis.

Once the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan ordered all Ministers, Advisors, and Special Assistants to submit a detailed report of all the brand new programs and initiatives started thus far.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the Ministers, Advisors, and Special Assistants to speed up the inquiry about the officer’s misconduct in complaint resolution on Mobile application (Pakistan Citizen Portal Application).

Many of the officers had been accused of disposing of complaints without proper inquiry.

The officers didn’t document any evidence to Prime Minister Imran Khan while solving the complaints and were not replying to them on time.

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