Pakistan Air Force Shoots Down Two Indian Jets; Captures Pilots Alive

Pakistan Air Force Shoots Down Two Indian Jets; Captures Pilots Alive

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The Two Indian Air Force (IAF) Aircraft have been successfully been shot down by Pakistan Air Force.

This war happened when the Indian jets have crossed the Line of Control and entered Pakistan airspace.

One of their jets have fallen down in Azad and Jammu Kashmir area while the other fallen inside Occupied Kashmir.

The proud Pakistan Air Force has successfully managed to capture one of their pilots while two are in the area.

According to Sources; Indians claim of shooting down an F-16 are completely False Story. And do not ever believe Indian Media, These are the Worst and False Media in the entire Globe. 

UPDATE: According to DG ISPR, Pakistan has selected six targets as their response for India’s violation of Pakistani Airspace yesterday. The targets weren’t military and were chosen to ensure there would be no loss of life or further escalation. This morning, all six were successfully targeted.

“Such a response befits a mature nation and India left us no choice but to show our mettle. At the same time, the selection of our targets shows we are a responsible nation.”

As a response to this strikes, Two Indian jets were successfully scrambled and as they crossed the LoC, they were successfully shot down by PAF (Pakistan Air Force) in self- defense.

DG ISPR has further added that one of Indian pilot was captured and another injured pilot iis now in the CMH hospital.

He has also added that the Indian media false news about F-16 being shot, mentioned that no F-16 were involved in the entire operation.

In fact, PAF (Pakistan Air Force) used JF-17 Thunder to take on the Indian aircraft.

“Both countries have the capability & capacity but war means failure of policy. We don’t want to escalate.“

“We invite India to have a discussion on peace so this matter can be resolved.”

The Foreign Office of Pakistan has also successfully released a Statement:

Below is one of the video shared by the locals, a video of the shot down aircraft.

SAMAA TV has also released an exclusive Footage of Indian Jet going down. Watch Below:

It’s a developing story, we will be updating it accordingly. 

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