Chappar rift

Chappar Rift – Historical Place in Balochistan

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Chapper Rift is a beautiful place in-between Harnai and Ziarat. It is popular among the population just because of the tunnel which is more than 100 years old.

In the American leadership, the tunnel was established and founded in 1887 for the use of Quetta to India connection.

The Travelling distance of Quetta to Chapper rift is around 110 km. It can take 2 hours of continuous driving for reaching that place.

It is also experienced by the visitors that the tunnel was created well by the people of the old time.

Without any sophisticated machinery and technology, people build this tunnel with creativity.

The tunnel is not accessible from a long year, because of a flood that destroyed the tunnel. 

There is no work or rehabilitation started yet for this tunnel, but, still, people used to travel there because of its beauty.

Video Guide of Chappar 

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